Flexible Uniform Fabrics & Programs to Keep You and Your Employees Happy

Comfortable clothes can impact our productivity and happiness at work or play. On the job, work uniforms are no different. And, since employees spend a lot of time at work, comfortable uniforms can impact their satisfaction daily.

When you talk about uniform programs in your company, do employees start to cringe? They may think they’re in for stiff shirts and ill-fitting pants for the sake of uniformity. This is not the case today. There are so many advancements in fabrics, styles and options that employees may wonder why you didn’t try uniforms sooner.

Right Fabrics for The Job

Most of the companies we provide uniform programs for have many different types of job requirements for their employees. The garments they wear vary depending on the person, their position and the overall work environment, whether they are in an office, on the production floor and even working outside. What they wear impacts how they do their job.

Seasonality and temperature changes are also a factor. We are in Mid and Southwest Michigan, as well as Northern Indiana, where weather is certainly a consideration for how we dress. Uniforms need to be breathable and cool in the summer, offer layers as temps drop, and even include jackets as the winter weather sets in. Custom embroidered soft shell jackets are a great, fashionable option that not only offer water and wind resistance but also work great with layers underneath – keeping your employees warm and your logo visible.

Technology is Everywhere, Even in Fabrics

Gallagher Uniform works with many different garment vendors and regularly evaluates product offerings to best fit our customer base.  And today there are more options than ever. Comfortable fabrics like dry mesh and wickable polyester are designed specifically to keep wearers cool and dry. And a new line of pants and shirts from one of our uniform garment lines, RedKap, now feature fabrics with memory stretch technology that move with you then shrink back to the original shape once the work is done. Fabrics like this make a huge difference in employee comfort.

RedKap also designs many of our garments using TouchTex Technology. This process provides better color-fastness, stain release, moisture wicking; and after several washes each garment gets softer. They continue to soften with each wash while maintaining fabric durability. These garments maintain their moisture wicking capabilities since TouchTex is built into the fibers and not a topical treatment to the garments.

Beware of some uniform products out there that are treated with a silicone finish. This treatment can make them feel softer and water repellent when new. However, after many washes this treatment begins to wash out and the garments will lose their softness.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Companies we work with can choose from a wide selection of uniform shirts, pants, jackets and more.  No one-size-fits-all approach here. Many of our customers count on us for big and tall uniforms, separate men’s and women’s options and other specialty items so that every employee has uniforms that fit well, and don’t create any hazards on the job.

If the Industry Fits…

Working with many companies throughout our service area, we outfit very diverse work forces. From electrical and energy companies who benefit from FRC and high visibility uniforms to pharmaceutical manufacturers and food processors where cleanliness and compliance of their uniforms are critical. Our region’s strong manufacturing roots also mean that many of our customers require durable uniform products that fit well, are stain resistant and last as long as the products they make.

While fabrics and technical aspects of the garments are important, so is the cleaning and handling of each garment. Our processes ensure your uniform garments are cleaned, inspected, and delivered on time for your employees, regardless of the work they do.

There are many reasons that uniform rental makes sense from a business and operations perspective. Flexible fabric options and the right uniform for the job is one important aspect of your program. To learn more about our uniform products and how they can be a great fit for your company, consider making the switch today.






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