Lab Coats – Not Just for Doctors’ Offices Anymore

When you think of a crisp, white lab coat, you probably think of a scientist or someone in the medical profession, and for good reason. People who work in places like chemical labs and doctors’ offices often wear them on a daily basis. It’s a sign of scientific and health care work… usually.

But, they’re also worn by people working in food processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, dentistry, and even by people who spend their days making beer. They’re not just worn for fashion, but rather they serve a very important function.

The Function (Over Fashion) of a Lab Coat

Barrier Protection — Ensure employees avoid direct contact with hazardous substances in the workspace. Lab coats provide substantial barrier protection and shield a person’s torso and arms from that ever happening.

Prevent Cross Contamination — Removing lab coats when moving from production areas helps employees prevent the chance of cross-contamination into other work areas. This is especially effective in Food Processing Facilities.

Fast Removal — If an emergency should arise like a fire or dangerous spill, it only takes a second to pull off that lab coat and put distance between the employee and the hazard.

Clothing Protection — This one seems obvious, but lab coats protect regular clothing from dust, dirt, chemicals, and other contamination on the job site.

Safety — Depending on the work environment, a lab coat with an elastic cuff helps keep sleeves out of any dangerous materials, protect arms from potentially hazardous splashes and away from moving equipment.

Professional Look — A clean lab coat gives off the air of professionalism and makes you look super fancy.

Product Protection — Lab coats can protect the food or pharmaceutical product from foreign particles that are with us every day. Body hair and dry skin, not to mention outside elements that an employee can bring in, like pet hair or grass, dust, and dirt.

Different Types and Styles of Lab Coats

Different industries will require a different style of lab coats. In general, most lab coats are made from blends of cotton and polyester and come with front buttons, one or two chest pockets with a built-in penholder, and one or two lower waist area front pockets. You’ll also often find a back vent, and side slits provided to allow unrestricted movement and access to the side pockets of work pants.

However, there are many different options and styles of lab coats to ensure you have the right garments for your facility and industry. If you’re unsure about what style, fabrics or other garments you need for your business, our team can help!

When choosing the proper lab coat, consider:

● Tight cuffs (knitted or elastic) to keep materials away from contact with employees

● Snap closures on the front for easy removal in case of contamination. More importantly, snaps help avoid a button falling off and into your products

● Proper fit, which is always important for safety

● Appropriate material for hazards to be encountered

● Full-length, knee-length, or waist length

● The use of zippers, pockets, or closures that are required for your type of production or facility. We know that food processing uniforms cannot have pockets.

● Fire retardant or fire resistant (FR) garments

Looking for Lab Coats as Uniforms in Your Workplace?

Great, because Gallagher has developed a full-service Lab Coat Uniform delivery program ensuring your uniforms are picked up and delivered back clean. Whether you’re manufacturing pharmaceutical products, processing or handling raw foods including meats, we understand the requirements for compliance in cleanliness, style, and satisfaction.

Your whole staff can be outfitted from head to toe in a wide range of sizes, styles, and customization options of lab coats and other garments ideal for health care facilities, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, doctor’s offices and so much more.

We offer cost-effective uniform solutions, reliable delivery service, compliance, and convenience. Learn more about the types of Lab Coats and other Uniforms Rental Programs Gallagher Uniform can provide for your company.


Contact us and see why you should make the switch today.

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