Media Advisory: Business As Usual

Due to a few misleading news items reported, we are providing this advisory to clarify the small fire at Gallagher Uniform.

Wednesday evening, February 24, 2021, a small fire occurred at Gallagher Uniform. We are thankful to report no one was injured, and minimal damage occurred due to the fire. The building has fire compression systems in place should something like this occur and all worked as it should. Normal business operations resumed immediately.

The fire was caused by spontaneous combustion from a foreign object that was hidden in a freshly washed and cooled load of mops.

The Battle Creek Fire Department and the Veterans Affairs Fire Department were dispatched to Gallagher Uniform at 10:47 p.m. Crews were able to put out the fire and ventilate the building which was not occupied at the time.

John Gallagher, President of the company shares, “True to our culture of commitment, I’m proud to share that a dedicated team of Gallagher associates worked through the night to ensure a complete cleanup was achieved before Thursday’s first shift started, and trucks rolled out for Thursday deliveries on time. Our team is committed to each other and our customers, even when events like last night occur.”

The company operations and delivery schedules remain intact.

Gallagher Uniform is very grateful to The Battle Creek Fire Department and the Veterans Affairs Fire Department for working quickly and efficiently to ensure the fire was contained and put out without further incident.

Questions? Contact: Allison Tobey
Marketing and Communications Manager
Gallagher Uniform


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