4.5 Reasons to choose Local over National for Your Uniform Company


When picking a uniform rental company, it can be tempting to choose a national supplier. With competitive rates and perhaps some brand recognition, it may at first glance appear to be the right choice. But wait – why not choose a local supplier?

Local uniform rental suppliers like us at Gallagher not only care about our quality of service to your business, but about the community, the environment, and our local economy. Don’t let the smoke and mirrors fool you – national uniform suppliers are not nearly as invested in such things.

You can probably apply these same 4 reasons to many different types of services providers that you work with for your business, or personal life, too. We invite you to take the local challenge. You’ll be glad you did!

1. Quality

While national uniform rental suppliers advertise competitive pricing and satisfaction guarantees, can they walk the walk? Local uniform suppliers consistently exceed expectations in areas such as timely response, uniform appearance, uniform repair, overall satisfaction, and more. Don’t take our word for it- 30+ years of industry market research sees local companies outperforming national companies by at least 25% satisfaction.

2. Economy

Choosing local is not only a benefit to your business, but also a benefit to the surrounding economy. Local business owners invest in the economy they call home and fuel other local businesses which increases the tax base. Basically, you’re keeping the money in the community and helping to grow other local businesses.

It’s no secret the growth of our hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan. We work with many other local businesses for our supplies, our services and more and to benefit our local economy.

3. Environment

With closer distances to travel, choosing local can reduce impact on our environment. Less air pollution and decongested traffic help us be kinder to the Earth. Plus, the eco-friendly practices at Gallagher Uniform help ensure that the environmental impact is lessened even further.

While national companies may have environmental stewardship policies, our belief is in doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.

4. Community

The community prospers when you choose local over national. More donations are made to local nonprofits due to increased profits, and more jobs are offered to community members. Small businesses like Gallagher Uniform are the leading source of new jobs across the U.S., so you’re keeping the trend going by staying local.

Plus, our associates and our company are all involved in the local community through volunteering, donations and supporting community events. We’re proud to be a part of Southwest Michigan and beyond.

4.5 Employee Satisfaction

Your uniform program should run smoothly, with little or no complaints from your employees. Our processes relieve the headaches of your average uniform program. This includes 100% complete and on-time deliveries using our G-Trak system, timely repairs and replacements through proactive inspections and garment tracking. We deliver uniforms out of one location only-no depots here! Our uniforms go from point A to point B, and not point A to point Z getting lost somewhere in between. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Ready to Choose a Local Uniform Company?

When you’re in the market for a uniform rental supplier, consider choosing a local business like Gallagher Uniform to handle your uniform program. We’ve got your best interests and our community’s in mind. Please give us a call at 800-468-7174 or contact us today.

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