Sizing Importance When Working with a Corporate Uniform Company

When you wear ill-fitted clothing on the job, the focus is taken off your work. Instead, your time is spent trying to make yourself just a teensy bit more comfortable. If your uniform is too big, it can get caught on equipment, make you trip or have you constantly adjusting your sleeves, pants or waist. If your clothing is too small on the other hand, it could rip on the job or just leave you feeling uncomfortable during your entire shift.

You should be free to do your job without the hassle of an ill-fitted uniform, so we’re providing a few sizing tips to make your workday more comfortable.

Use sizing charts 

For the most accurate sizing, find companies that offer measurement charts. Knowing your measurements is the easier way to find the best fit and you can get your measurements at home with a cloth tape measurer or at a professional tailor, which we recommend. When working with corporate work uniform companies, knowing your sizing makes for a smoother process. This especially helps when ordering clothing online, where you are not able to try on the garments prior to buying them.

Understand how your uniform affects your job 

Scientists and medical professionals wear lab coats for many reasons. The deep pockets hold medical tools, but most importantly, the coat is used as protection. It must be just the right size to cover the clothing underneath and protect the wearer. Scientists and medical professionals rely on proper-fitting uniforms because the uniform protects against dangerous materials they work with every day. The coats are always white because stains show up better, letting the wearer know the coat is dirty or contaminated, depending on what they’re working on.

Like scientists and medical professionals, workers in several industries rely on uniforms to help with their day-to-day work. Automotive workers need a uniform that is no fuss, easy to move in and durable. Construction and electrical workers need uniforms that are flame resistant, protecting them from potentially dangerous situations. For these industries, baggy clothing is a hazard and uniforms must be sized properly for their safety.

Hire us 

At Gallagher Uniform, we make sure our uniforms fit our clients perfectly. Your best fit is always in stock and the cleaning is left to us. We also have a variety of uniform styles and colors to choose from, allowing your individuality and brand to make an impression whether you put your uniform through a beating, use it to protect your body or simply want your employees to look the best they can.

It’s important to look great while on the job, but it’s just as important to be safe and comfortable. In the working world, your clothes should be the least of your worries.

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