Spring Safety Essential: High Visibility Uniforms

Spring has sprung in the Midwest! With a change in the seasons comes a need for a change in proper work safety uniform attire.

With showers popping up, storms rolling in, and heavy winds gusting about, worker safety is still the number one concern. Industries whose workers are subject to these changes in weather and low-light conditions need high visibility uniforms that keep them distinguishable and safe.

High visibility uniforms play a vital role in your employees’ on-the-job safety, and there are different types of garments specific to the working conditions of your industry and the roles of your workers.

When Should Employees be Wearing High Visibility Uniforms?

Workers whose roles subject them to conditions in which they cannot be easily seen by others must wear high visibility or enhanced visibility clothing at all times. This includes employees in industries such as construction, traffic control, heavy equipment operations, utility repair, and more.

Spring weather can be unpredictable. One minute it can be sunny and the next it’s dark and downpouring. Workers who are close to moving machinery or road traffic have even more increased exposure to possible dangers. High visibility safety uniforms are made of bright colors and reflective materials to make a worker stand out. Thus, wearing high visibility clothing at all times is essential for workers’ safety.

Difference Between High Visibility and Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

High visibility and enhanced visibility are two different classes of safety uniforms. Understanding how these uniforms are designed will help you choose which is best for your industry and team.

Enhanced Visibility 

Enhanced visibility uniforms are made with bright colored, reflective stripes to bounce off light for employee protection. However, they are different from high visibility uniforms. These uniforms are made specifically for lower risk workplaces, such as manufacturing facilities, shipping docks, and delivery services.

Aside from their bright, reflective stripes, enhanced visibility uniforms generally have a dark fabric that makes up the rest of the uniform, making them non compliant with ANSI standards.

High Visibility 

High visibility safety uniforms, on the other hand, are made for higher-risk industries and meet ANSI standards for safety. This includes construction, heavy equipment operations, and traffic control. These employees are often subject to the unrelenting Spring weather and the added dangers of moving equipment and heavy machinery.

The need for complete visibility and safety in these situations is where high visibility uniforms shine – literally. These garments are made with not only reflective stripes, but also bright, fluorescent yellow and orange fabrics designed to make an employee easily distinguishable to the human eye.

Employee safety is the number one concern all-year long. Ensuring you have the proper high visibility or enhanced visibility uniforms is essential for workplace safety.

Rent, Lease, or Purchase High Visibility Uniforms

Since 1893, companies have turned to Gallagher Uniforms for supplying high visibility and enhanced visibility uniforms to keep their employees safe. Interested in learning more about our uniform options? Contact us today!

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