The Shamrock Club

It should come as no surprise that everyone at Gallagher has been eagerly awaiting our favorite time of year, Spring! And no… not just for March Madness or because we’re ready to do some spring cleaning. March marks the start of our St. Patrick’s Day and annual Shamrock Club celebrations! Are you feeling lucky this year?

Go Green with Gallagher

When it comes to St. Patrick’s day, Gallagher is ready to celebrate! Not only are we already outfitted in green, but our logo was even inspired by a four-leaf clover. The four G’s in our logo come together in a clover shape to symbolize our family’s Irish heritage and the good fortune that these clovers are believed to bring. After over a century of keeping the Gallagher tradition alive in the uniform business, we’re feeling pretty lucky!

What’s the Shamrock Club?

The Shamrock Club is a way for us at Gallagher to give thanks to our customers and keep traditions alive within our business. Each year, we gift Shamrock plants to a handful of our lucky customers. Since the Shamrock Club was founded in 2016, we’ve celebrated our customers new and old who’ve cared for their shamrocks year after year. Despite the club being founded in 2016, we’ve been treating our customers to Shamrock plants for years. Once we realized that some of our customers had better ‘green thumbs’ than others, we decided to form this club to celebrate those who’ve kept their plants green for another year!

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Keep your eyes out to see if a Shamrock plant might fall into your lap this green season! If a Shamrock plant has shown up on your doorstep in years past, we’d love for you to share a photo of your happy, healthy plant with us! At Gallagher, we know that our business would be nothing without the best customer service and communication for our customers. We believe these plants are a true testament to the relationships we foster with our uniform clients and we love to watch them grow year over year.

Keep the Gallagher Spirit Year-Round

While the green season may come and go, Gallagher Uniform is here to keep the spirit alive all year long! When you partner with us for your uniform rental program, you can trust that all of your unique needs will be met! For more information, reach out to us today.

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