HACCP Compliance In Food Manufacturing Uniforms

The food manufacturing industry has no room for error when it comes to keeping your facility safe and clean. With so many different rules and regulations to comply with, let Gallagher take one worry off of your plate by handling your company’s food safety uniforms. Our team knows exactly what it takes to keep your employees comfortable and clean while on the job!

What is HACCP?

When it comes to food safety uniforms for the food processing industry, HACCP compliance is non-negotiable. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines make sure that every food product that comes out of your facility is safe for public consumption. These practices are used throughout all of the steps in the food production process to ensure all products are free from harmful contaminants and bacteria.

Food Safety Starts with Clean Uniforms

When you choose uniforms from Gallagher, you give your employees the confidence of knowing that they are in clean, safe uniforms. Our customized laundering processes and wash formulas guarantee that your uniforms are free from all hazards including foreign objects, food films, bacteria, mold, viruses, and other disease-producing organisms. Our facility is also Hygienically Clean Certified by TRSA to ensure cleanliness and safety. These certifications guarantee that your food safety uniforms will meet all FDA and USDA requirements!

Food Safety is in the Details

Our team is dedicated to keeping employees safe, comfortable, and looking great! All of these things come to life in the smallest details. We start with food safety uniforms that are free from pockets and outfitted with snap-enclosures to keep your team compliant. Then we keep things moving with HACCP compliant practices such as truck and cart wash sanitization and virus kill points within our wash cycle and steam tunnel. These practices help us make sure we have everything we need to provide you with hazard-free, food safety uniforms.

More Than Just a Uniform Rental Company

Not only can we provide your employees with hygienically clean, high-quality garments, but we also offer several other facility service programs to help keep your business clean. We work with all levels of the food manufacturing industry so we know it can get messy! With a variety of service options to have fresh mops and towels delivered as often as needed, our team can help you with the clean-up. When you add- on facility services to your uniform rental program, your team will no longer have to worry keeping products stocked. Your Route Service Representative will check in each week to ensure your facility has everything it needs to stay safe and clean!

Contact us today to learn more about our HACCP-compliant uniform rental and facility service programs.

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