The Uniform’s Role in Employee Happiness

The results are in: happy employees are better employees. They’re more productive, better leaders, and collaborate more effectively when there are smiles on their faces. So… How can you make your employees happy? While there’s no one sure-fire way to make this happen, we’ve got an idea up our sleeve.

Ditch your unreliable national uniform rental company, and choose a company that follows through on their promise: Gallagher Uniform. We’ve invested in processes, technology, and training to ensure that your employees are as happy with their uniforms and uniform programs as they can be.

Right On-Time

We know how frustrating it can be for you and your team when your uniform company falls through. If you don’t receive the uniforms on time, then your employees can’t work, and your management team often takes the brunt of that burden. We proudly guarantee on-time deliveries; our route service representatives mean business when it comes to getting your garments to you.

Completely Complete

It’s one thing to get your garments when you’re supposed to, but it’s another thing having to make sure your order includes all of the garments you need. At Gallagher Uniform, we simplify that. We use an electronic garment-tracking system called G-Trak to keep a careful eye on all of the uniforms we supply, helping us receive and ship orders with accuracy. We guarantee 100% complete orders because when one of your employees is missing a pair of pants, it’s not funny, and we don’t entertain bad jokes whatsoever.

Nice and Neat

Imagine getting your uniform only to discover that it’s wrinkled, ripped, or just plain dirty. How could that make anyone happy? Not only are our uniforms properly cleaned and steamed in our facility, but we also make sure to handle service requests on damaged uniforms quickly, making sure to supply your worker with a replacement uniform while we mend the damaged garment. Remember that G-Trak system we mentioned above? Well, it’s also a mobile app that your employees can download, and they can keep tabs on the status of their garment repairs, or even initiate a service request.

Courage and Confidence

If you can trust Gallagher Uniform, we can guarantee an experience that maintains all of the positives of a uniform rental program. When employees wear uniforms, they’re much more likely to feel connected; like they’re a part of the team. It takes out any presuppositions gained from appearance, and brings everyone closer. Also, not having to wash your work clothes often puts smiles on lots of faces.

If you want happy workers, consider enlisting a uniform rental services company, like Gallagher, to outfit your team. When there’s a mandated ensemble that employees need to wear, but they don’t need to purchase, wash, or take care of mending the garments, you’ll find it easier to foster their excitement for their position. Plus, when you choose a uniformed solution from Gallagher Uniforms, you’ll find yourself grinning from the ease of the process. Make the switch today!

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