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At Gallagher Uniform, we’re all about keeping your mats and uniforms looking great, keeping your facility supplies topped off, and above all else, keeping you happy. And to do that, we understand that communication is absolutely key. That’s why we use a number of different communication methods to keep our customers in the know, including our G-Trak Mobile App, text message and email updates, regular communication with Route Service Representatives & Route Service Supervisors, and convenient service boards and service request cards.

That’s a lot, right? So, let’s just focus on one of them today; one aspect of our communication system that, in a way, brings all of it together – the on-site service boards and service repair cards.

Gallagher Service Boards

Let’s get old school bulletin board-style because that’s essentially what a Gallagher service board is. Our service boards are posted physically on-site and function as an easy way for us to communicate directly with our customers. We know that when it comes to communication, for some people it’s “the simpler, the better.” That’s why we start with this most basic, effective form of communication.

Key Components of a Service Board

RSR Introduction

Front and center on the service board, we introduce you to your business’ Gallagher Route Service Representative (RSR). Your RSR will be at your account every week, ready to handle new orders, cancellations, size changes, new measurements, replacements, and repairs. We include their phone number and email on the service board so you can contact them at any time.

And while most of your employees won’t see them in-person as often as your RSR, your company also has a dedicated Route Service Supervisor (RSS). Your RSS checks in periodically to see if there’s anything we can do to make working with Gallagher even easier. Your RSS is only a call or email away, and we include their contact information on the board as well. They’re also able to help with any questions regarding cancellations, replacements, new employees, and more.

Service Request Cards

These are available for your employees to fill out should they need a repair made to their garment. You need the following information to fill this out completely:

Step 1: Date, the name of the company, and your name. (Easy!)

Step 2: Garment label number (6 digits located on the back collar of the piece of clothing, directly to the left of the employee’s last name).

Step 3: Barcode number (an 8-digit code located just above your garment label number and underneath the barcode). Please list barcode serial numbers for each garment that needs attention if there are more than one.

Step 4: After filling in that information, just specify the kind of repair item it is and check the appropriate repair description.

Leave the completed service request card in the designated space on the service board and your Route Service Representative will pick it up the next time they deliver. Your RSR or another Gallagher customer service representative will then enter your request into our G-Trak system, which flags the garment to be pulled aside by our automated sorting system for inspection. It’s important that your service request card is turned into our service board. If placed in garment pockets, in the soil bin, or left in the locker room, it will get lost in the mix! With these service cards, there’s no risk of your request being lost (or washed) in the laundry.

Announcements, Useful Information, And More

Our service boards also include a “wild card” section that will change from time to time, depending on what is most relevant or useful for your employees. For new, large accounts with many employees (we specialize in handling these accounts, by the way) it’s typically helpful to have the employee roster with garment IDs posted to the service board to help familiarize your employees with how and where to find their garments for a few months. If there’s a holiday coming up and your delivery date is going to be different than usual, we’ll post it here as well.

Don’t Forget About G-Trak

Our G-Trak Mobile and Web App has evolved, setting a new standard in uniform management efficiency and security. The mobile app empowers employees with real-time updates, direct requests for repairs, replacements, or size changes, and the ability to track their uniform’s journey, all while giving managers the oversight needed for cost-related decisions. On the administrative side, the web app simplifies managing invoices, work orders, and employee uniforms, ensuring a smooth operation. With the integration of advanced RFID technology, G-Trak guarantees accurate tracking and management of uniforms, enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction. This approach to uniform management through the G-Trak system streamlines processes, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures every garment is accounted for, making uniform rental management effortless and efficient.

Power to the People, Power to the Uniform-Wearer

With all of this being said, we know how important time management is. That’s why, in order to improve and continue offering excellent service, we put the power in your hands; the people who wear the uniform.

Our service boards and service cards are ways to give uniformed workers a say in their customer service needs. Not to mention the G-Trak Mobile App, which puts the power in the palm of their hands directly. We find that when workers have a better sense of the garment repair process, and know what they can do to contribute, they feel confident to claim damage and ensure their garments are repaired quickly.

At Gallagher, we care about communication. We make every effort possible to connect with our customers and keep our relationships moving in the right direction. If you ever have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please reach out! We would love to hear from you.

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