Never Lose Your Clothes With Our G-Trak App

Uniform Rental Tracking with the New G-Trak App from Gallagher Uniform

At Gallagher Uniform, we’re excited to relaunch our G-Trak Mobile App and Web App, with enhanced security and user-friendliness. G-Trak allows you and your employees to streamline the tracking and management of your uniform rental program, down to the individual garments

G-Trak Mobile App

More than an upgrade, the NEW G-Trak app allows employees to handle their uniform concerns, freeing up valuable time for their managers. Within a few clicks, an individual employee can:

  • Receive Real-Time Updates: Notifications for arrivals, deliveries, and status changes.
  • Make Direct Requests: Easy submission of repair, replacement, or size change requests by the uniform wearer, taking the burden off of managers.
  • Track Requests: View garment history and track work order progress.
  • Communicate When Needed: Directly contact our Route Drivers with any questions.

While these features empower your employees, don’t worry, you’re still in control. Any final decisions that may incur additional costs to your company are automatically sent for manager review!

G-Trak Mobile App

G-Trak Web App

While making things easier for your individual wearers is important, we also wanted to create a seamless experience for managing the administrative side of your uniform rental program. Whether you need to view invoices, submit work orders, manage your employees, or make adjustments to your rental program, the newly updated G-Trak Web App makes it easy.

G-Trak Web App

Embrace the Power of RFID Technology

Our G-Trak app leverages cutting-edge RFID technology, ensuring precision and efficiency in uniform rental tracking and management. Tracking your garments through every stage of the laundering and delivery process, this system offers:

  • Seamless Accuracy: We verify every garment bundle for complete and accurate deliveries – every garment turned in gets delivered back, guaranteed.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Our technology reduces administrative tasks and employee frustrations related to missing garments.
  • Cost-Effective Management: Minimize risk of loss charges, saving time and money.
  • Quality Control & Customer Service: More focus on what matters – quality service and customer satisfaction.

What Are You Waiting For? Download Today!

Our commitment to innovation and customer service shines through with the G-Trak Mobile app and Web App. It stands out in the uniform rental industry, offering more than just tracking. The app is a comprehensive platform that simplifies uniform rental tracking and management, ensuring ease and precision. Download the G-Trak Mobile app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Interested in learning more about the G-Trak system? Reach out and schedule a free demo today!

Partner with Gallagher Uniform

For any questions or to partner with us for your uniform and facility program, please reach out to us. We’re committed to making your uniform management as effortless and efficient as possible. Considering a change in your uniform service provider? Make the switch to see how Gallagher and G-Trak can improve your company’s uniform program!

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