Uniforms with HACCP in Mind

There are few industries as dependent on consistency and image as the food industry, but they rely on safety even more so. With lots of requirements and standards that need to be met, it can be overwhelming to consider your options. That’s where Gallagher Uniform comes in.

HACCP compliance

First and foremost, it’s important to know that we work to meet HACCP guidelines—requirements needed to ensure that any finished food product is safe for the public. With experience at all levels of the food processing industry, we know how important this compliance is and exactly how to meet it. All of our rental programs for the food and restaurant industry can be trusted to follow standards and function properly and safely. We offer several options to fit your needs, including durable fabrics with snap closures, and garments without pockets.

Food safe garments

Remember those uniform options we mentioned above? Let us dive deeper into what those garments look like, and how they are tailored specifically to the food processing industry.

  1. Snap Closures: The #1 requirement for food processing manufacturers is garments without buttons. Buttons can fall off garments, and potentially contaminate products being produced. We offer an array of snap closures shirts, pants, and lab coats. Snap closures not only eliminate the potential for a button to fall off but offer more durability in keeping your garments secure.
  2. Lab coats: We offer a wide variety of lab coats to fit your industry’s needs. Whether you need a lab coat that hits below the knees, or has wrist cuffs we have the one you need.
  3. Pocketless shirts, pants, and lab coats: While pockets are handy for construction workers and automobile techs: the food industry not so much. Pocketless uniforms ensure your associates are safe on the job, with less potential for snagging on equipment, and higher sanitization efforts.

We’ll do the laundry

The laundering process for food industry garments is specific and important. Gallagher Uniform has years of experience in handling uniforms properly and making sure that they are washed and cleaned to the highest standard. Our program meets all FDA and USDA requirements and we do the work for you, leaving you with peace of mind, knowing that your uniforms and garments are hygienically cleaned and safe for your space.

More than uniforms

The food processing industries have all seen their fair share of messes! Gallagher Uniform also offers towel and mop rental programs to make sure you can keep your facility clean and sanitary. In addition, we can provide a variety of floor mats, like those for entryways or non-slip mats for kitchen or processing areas. Whatever your needs, our HACCP compliant programs will ensure that all of your items are clean.

Whatever you need for your food processing business, especially during a pandemic where safety and cleanliness is top of mind, Gallagher Uniform is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our uniform rental programs and to make the switch!

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