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Published: February 27, 2018


No matter the size of your business, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Whether you specialize in pharmaceuticals, automotive, or food processing – success lies in the ability to adapt and remain flexible. There’s always going to be employee turnover, supply and demand changes, rebranding efforts, etc. – but sometimes you’ve gotta roll with the punches and embrace change, rather than reject it. At Gallagher Uniform, we feel the same way.

Our story is one based on change and adaptability. John C. Gallagher got his start producing utility rags in the Detroit area for local businesses in 1893. This centennial, family-owned business has grown since then, now specializing in customized uniform rental programs for everything from restaurants and healthcare to manufacturing companies and the energy industry (just to name a few!). Our business model is progressive and successful because we believe in the power of innovation and provide real-time solutions for our customers. Our uniform rental programs allow them to be flexible in their decision making, increasing adaptability and productivity as a result.

Here’s how:

On-the-go uniform delivery tracking

G-Trak, our online garment tracking system, utilizes barcodes and radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips on each individual garment so it can be identified and tracked at any point in the rental cycle. We know when your uniforms will be delivered, how long you’ve had them, how many times we’ve washed them and much more.

The beauty of G-Trak, though, is that every Gallagher customer has at least one Uniform Contact who is given a login that gives them the keys to unlock the power of G-Trak too. Department Managers can access garment information relevant to their specific team and find real-time answers to run a more cost-effective program. Everything is streamlined, creating flexibility and transparency for everyone.

And if that’s not enough, every individual uniform wearer, as a part of the Gallagher Uniform program, is also given access to our G-Trak Mobile app by downloading it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and signing up with a username and password. This literally puts us in the palm of your hand when it comes to making repair or size change requests, checking delivery status and more. 

Request repairs and size changes with a personal touch

If you prefer more of a personal touch when it comes to servicing your uniform program, that’s where our Route Service Representatives (RSR’s) come in. Each of them is equipped with a handheld computer (G-Trak on the Go) so they always have the details of your account available should you have questions while they are making your regularly scheduled delivery. New orders, cancellations, size changes, replacements, and repairs can all be entered right on-site! And your RSR is always available to take your phone call or respond to your email, no matter where they are.

Garments tailored to the size, fit, and function of everyone.

A professional uniform supplier (like us) will offer an extensive selection of garments for not just size and fit, but also appearance and functionality. Operations, maintenance, freight and shipping, management, front office – all functions have different garment requirements, for both fit and function. You don’t need to spend time going from vendor to vendor, trying to find the right look for every facet of your company. At Gallagher, we will work with you to put together a program that that helps you meet all performance requirements and keeps your people looking great.

Scheduled facility services to make your life easier (and cleaner!)

Beyond uniforms and apparel, your facility manager may also be responsible for mats, towels and general upkeep, making sure all facilities are organized, clean, and safe. Gallagher can help with that too! Through our facility services program, we can monitor and replenish necessities like hand soap, sanitizer, paper products, and air fresheners. As your needs change seasonally, we can adjust frequency and amount quickly, without breaking a sweat.

Gallagher is about as flexible as Stretch Armstrong (remember him?), but it’s taken hard work, forward thinking, and technological innovation to get there. And that flexibility, combined with a commitment to excellent customer service, is exactly what’s allowed us to continue gaining and keeping such a wide variety of customers over the years, from five-person auto shops to 500-person manufacturing facilities. When you work with us, we guarantee your experience is going to be a good one from day one.

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