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Our Commitment To Future Generations

As the Gallagher family embarks on their fifth generation of leadership, one can’t help to think what will the next five generations bring?  We hold ourselves responsible in our role to make sure that the environment holds the same, if not greater splendor as it has for the previous generations.

Our goal is to operate in a sustainable manner that will preserve the environment for generations to come.  These practices are part of our daily business as we continue to seek out even more advanced means for environmental stewardship. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle



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  • “G-Trak on the Go” – handheld computers that result in electronic, paperless invoicing
  • A new steam tunnel reduces our natural gas consumption
  • Boiler improvements reduce run time by 26%, saving gas, water & emissions
  • Use  EnviroMax Detergent – a biodegradable compact formula void of free water, reducing packaging needs
  • Installed solar tube lights allowing us to turn off 7 fluorescent fixtures
  • Upgraded the light fixtures in our processing facility to T4 energy saving bulbs



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  • All hangers are reused until damaged, at which point they are recycled
  • Use a Shaker Screen to automatically remove any suspended solids from our wastewater to reduce TSS levels
  • Hot water reclaim/reuse system has recently been improved



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  • Internal documents are printed on scrap paper
  • Direct sale shipments are sent in cardboard boxes received from our vendors and shipped with a “Green” sticker that encourages everyone to recycle
  • Gallagher Uniform donates discarded uniform garments to Goodwill Industries of Central Michigan’s Heartland.  Each week hundreds of pounds of retired uniforms are either being sold at a Goodwill retail store or cut up for scrap

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