Automotive Workwear: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Uniforms for Mechanics and Technicians

Mechanics and automotive technicians need work uniforms that allow movement and keep them safe. They have a physical job inspecting and repairing vehicles, assembling components, working with machinery, meeting customers, and more. They encounter several on-the-job hazards, such as chemicals, hot metal, and sharp or rough edges. Mechanics must work in various temperatures, especially here in Michigan, where it goes from extremely warm in the summer to freezing in the winter.

Employee uniforms help mechanics, and auto techs maintain a professional appearance, work comfortably, and stay protected from hazards. You may also consider branded employee uniforms for customer service and sales staff.

Let’s look at the key auto mechanic uniforms for your car dealership, auto repair shop, or oil change service center.

Automotive Technician Shirts

Work shirts are essential automotive employee uniform garments because they provide protection and professionalism. They come in long and short sleeves, and various colors and materials, allowing you to find something that fits your brand style, is comfortable, and offers protection.

Work Pants

The ideal work pants combine durability and comfort. They need to withstand the rigors of the job and offer enough protection from potential hazards. You may also consider features like extra pockets, sweat-wicking material, or stain-resistant fabrics.


Coveralls are excellent to have on hand for automotive workers. Coveralls can be worn over clothing to add additional protection and coverage. There is a coverall available for every work scenario. Standard coveralls are made with breathable, durable fabrics. You can also opt for insulated coveralls, coveralls with high visibility reflective striping, or coveralls made with flame resistant materials.


Working in a garage, your mechanics and auto techs deal with oversized garage doors opening and closing. They are likely to move from the indoors to the outdoors and back frequently throughout their day. Cold weather outerwear, such as vests, jackets, and hats, are an easy option to keep your team members warm and comfortable in Michigan’s winter months. Plus, they help maintain a branded, professional look when your employees work outside.

Sales & Office Staff Workwear

Auto dealerships or large auto repair centers with customer service staff benefit from branded workwear, such as dress shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, and work pants. Branded workwear keeps your staff looking professional, makes them easily identifiable to customers and visitors, and promotes a team environment. And don’t forget outerwear for your sales and office staff. Especially in car dealerships or service centers where reps spend time outside, they’ll need that extra layer to stay warm in the winter.

Uniform and Facility Rental Program

The easiest way to ensure your mechanics and auto repair technicians have the workwear they need is through an employee uniform rental program from Gallagher. Our rental program makes sure that employee uniforms are adequately cleaned and well maintained. Using our G-Trak system powered by RFID technology, you have complete insight into your uniform rental program and confidence that uniforms will be delivered correctly and on schedule.

Floor Mats and Shop Towels

In addition to employee uniforms, Gallagher provides full-service rental programs for shop towels, floor mats, and janitorial supplies. Towel options include shop towels for greasy areas and microfiber for car detailing. Our floor mat rental programs include branded entrance mats for your dealership, scraper mats to avoid slips and falls from oily floors, and anti-fatigue mats that relieve foot, leg, and back pain for those who are on their feet most of the day.

Gallagher Uniform is located in southwest Michigan and serves customers from lower mid-Michigan to Northern Indiana. Let Gallagher make sure your automotive dealership, auto repair shop, oil change shop, or other automotive service center is fully prepared with auto mechanic uniforms, shop towels, floor mats, and more. We’ll take care of the details so you can focus on your business.

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