The 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting an Employee Uniform Rental Provider

You know the importance of your employees looking their best to represent your company. One of the easiest ways to ensure your staff always looks their best is to provide them with uniforms from an employee uniform rental provider. Before settling on an employee uniform rental provider, ask these five questions first.

Do they have a wide selection of employee uniforms?

Variety is the spice of life, so the saying goes. The same is true in employee uniform selection. Offering your employees uniform options ensures they are safe and comfortable on the job, no matter the work setting or environment. For example, they may prefer short sleeves in the summer months, and in winter months, opt for long sleeves (and even outerwear). You may also have staff that requires different uniforms depending on where they work, such as office staff versus factory or production staff. Some of your team may also need flame-resistant or specific safety garments. Lastly, if your workplace is specialized, such as healthcare or food manufacturing, you’ll want a uniform provider that can meet compliance requirements.

What technology are they using to track your uniforms?

The main advantage of a uniform rental service is its hands-off service. You don’t have to worry about when and if your uniforms will be clean and ready on time. The most advanced providers use technology embedded into the garment to manage each clothing piece. This ensures uniforms are laundered correctly, repaired if needed, and delivered accurately and on schedule. This also provides you with on-demand information about the status of your account, the ability to make requests or changes, view garment history, track your next delivery, and more.

Are they locally owned or a national chain?

Local uniform suppliers beat national competitors in exceeding customer expectations. An unbiased study by Market Measurement Inc showed that local, independently owned uniform companies were twice as likely to exceed expectations in customer service, uniform appearance, complete delivery, quality repairs, replacement and billing policies, and overall satisfaction. On the flip side, companies that switched to a national chain uniform supplier from a local independent company were three times more likely to say that the new supplier performed below service expectations.

What is their customer service policy?

Employee uniforms are critical for workplace productivity. Communication with your uniform rental provider is key to the success of your program. And while the goal of a uniform program is to reduce your workload, you still need to maintain oversight. You should have a dedicated point of contact and an easy way to access your account information to make service requests and ask questions.

What is their commitment to sustainability?

Employee uniform rental programs help reduce environmental impact. Because of more efficient machinery, industrial launderers can wash more garments simultaneously, reducing energy and resource usage. Advanced machines do not put as much wear and tear on garments, so they last longer.

You may also want to consider your provider’s internal environmental policies, including detergent type and usage, alternative energy sources like solar power, and hangar reuse and recycling.

Gallagher is Your Uniform Provider of Choice

Gallagher Uniform is based in Battle Creek, Michigan, and serves organizations across southern Michigan and northern Indiana. Gallagher provides employee uniform rental programs for various work environments and industries, including custom-branded apparel. Gallagher customers have complete insight into their rental program through our G-Trak system, which uses a barcode system to track each garment to ensure proper care. Combined with our G-Track system, customers can always speak with their dedicated route service representative or route service supervisor. The combination of technology and human-centric service means you’ll never have a communication gap.

We make employee uniform rental easy for you and your employees. Contact us today to learn more about our service.

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