It’s Time for a New Uniform Rental Program

Putting up with a uniform rental provider that constantly lets you down is SO last year. Are you always missing uniforms? Never getting your deliveries on time? Or finding your uniforms are never clean enough?

It’s a new year and time for a NEW uniform rental program. One that (N)ever leaves you without a clean uniform, where (E)veryone benefits, and you can (W)orry less. 

Here’s how a NEW uniform rental program from Gallagher can help your business in 2023. 

Never be left without a clean uniform

Your company counts on clean uniforms being delivered every week. When employees don’t have proper uniforms, they can’t get their job done. For example, food processing employees must wear certified, hygienically clean uniforms or risk contamination. Similarly, maintenance and electrical workers must wear FR garments, or risk serious injury and OSHA violations. No matter what industry, missing employee uniforms means lost production. Working without uniforms isn’t worth the significant risk to employee safety and product quality.

Gallagher makes sure our uniform rental customers always have clean uniforms. Every garment is embedded with an RFID chip and connected to our G-Trak system. Before your uniforms leave our facility, they are scanned for accuracy and to verify that there are no missing garments. Our Route Service Representatives are also equipped with a smartphone to directly input any specific garment repairs or replacements into our G-Trak system. With Gallagher, your next uniform delivery is guaranteed to be 100% complete.  

Everyone benefits

A uniform rental program creates a win-win scenario for team members at every level of your organization. As a business Owner, Team Leader, or Operations Manager, you have enough on your plate without having to keep track of employee uniforms. A uniform rental program lets you spend more time on tasks that really matter, like leading a team and running your business. 

Not only does a uniform rental program create less work for you, but it also creates less work for your employees. Nobody likes bringing home their dirty work clothes after a long day. More often than not, you’ll throw them in the washing machine, then forget to put them in the dryer, and wake up the next morning not having a clean uniform ready for the day. What’s more, home washing machines are not suited for special fabrics or removing tough stains – like those often found in uniforms for the automotive industry

A uniform rental program saves your employees from broken washing machines and the headache of doing their work laundry.

Worry less with Gallagher Uniform

Worried about your uniforms meeting industry standards in cleanliness and safety? You shouldn’t be! When choosing a uniform rental program, it is important that your uniform provider is certified to meet industry standards. These certifications prove that uniforms are as clean as possible. 

Gallagher’s facility and laundering process is Hygienically Clean Food Safety Certified, HACCP compliant, and OSHA compliant. We’re committed to undergoing 3rd party testing to ensure our processes are up-to-code and meet industry standards in safety and cleanliness for our customers. Leave the worry to us in the new year! 

Get started with a NEW uniform rental program from Gallagher today! Contact one of our team members to find the best program for your company’s needs.

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