Automotive Manufacturing Uniforms Then and Now

While it may seem like people have worn the same uniform style year after year, especially in the automotive industry, times have changed. We should know – Gallagher has been in business for 125 years exactly! Walking down memory lane is pretty easy for us as a family-owned business. We honor the memory of many family members by telling their stories and continuing the traditions they began. The automotive sector has always used uniforms, (shop towels, too) but the look and style of the uniforms have most certainly changed. Let’s take a look at the evolution of uniforms for the automotive industry over time.

Uniform Changes in the Automotive Industry

Since the beginning, uniforms for this specific industry, and any manufacturing job for that matter have needed to protect people from mishap and be very durable. Moving from denim to cotton and now more recently, increasingly tough, rip-stop fabric.

Though the cars people both assemble and repair have changed drastically, a few key features and components have largely stayed the same – engine, brakes, exhaust, etc. This could also be said for the uniforms. An automotive technician uniform still often includes easily accessible utility pockets as well as the classic name and company logo emblems on the shirt, while ensuring the safety and natural comfort level of the uniform-wearer.

In the beginning, “coveralls” were the thing to do. A jumpsuit of sorts, coveralls protect an employee’s arms, legs, and actual clothing from getting grease stained and dirty. And they worked! That’s why some auto techs still use them. They are comfortable and protect your underclothes from unwanted grease and oil.

Automotive workers eventually moved away from the coverall look, instead opting for long-sleeve, thick material work shirts with pants or jeans. This more flexible option allows for the freedom to choose a custom pant/shirt combination that represents your brand, while still presenting a unified look to customers and other workers.

Uniforms of Today

Richard J. Lerman, the former president of the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors, shared with Apparel Magazine his take on the next step in uniform fashion saying:

“Fashion will remain a key factor in the apparel worn by workers in all corporate-owned facilities. Less formal outfits, without ties for men, will likely continue. Fun and comfort will be the focus.”

Today, auto technicians can choose from a wide range of uniforms including industrial work pants, short or long-sleeved shirts in a variety colors or combinations, coveralls, and even jackets to complete their uniform in colder months. At Gallagher Uniform, we specialize in providing automotive uniform programs that expertly outfit the automotive trades industry with custom, high-quality automotive work uniforms designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the technician.

Whether machinists, installers, technicians, line workers, office staff, or customer facing sellers, Gallagher Uniform has the workwear solutions and uniform rental programs to meet the needs of your business. We offer an entire line of Automotive Technician & Mechanic Uniform Programs, contact us today to learn more.



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