Boost Employee Morale with Custom Logo Apparel

Employee morale is a big deal; it describes the overall outlook, attitude, satisfaction, and confidence that employees feel at work. In other words, employees that feel valued by the company’s leadership and believe their daily contributions make a difference to the overall success of the business will inherently be more productive. So, keep your employees happy – but how, you ask?

There are hundreds of articles, both scholarly and otherwise, online about how to boost employee morale. We aren’t claiming to be an expert on the subject, but we know one sure-fire way to put a smile on the faces of your employees. Recognize them in different ways and for different reasons throughout the year with custom apparel from Gallagher Uniform, embroidered with your logo!

We may already provide uniform rental services or various facility and janitorial supplies to your business, but we also maintain an extensive online catalog with tons of awesome apparel and accessories that can be customized with your logo (for current customers), ready to order, and perfect for employee recognition events and company morale campaigns. (Check out this blog on gift-giving from Gallagherfor an inside look at a few select items perfect for your staff.)

Employee Morale Campaign Ideas

Sure, it’s nice to get a free embroidered scarf or tote bag just because, but the key to boosting employee morale is to be a bit strategic about it. Here are a couple ways to use our Gallagher’s customized apparel capabilities in your place of business.

Wellness and Safety Initiatives

Pair a fun or helpful wellness program with a quality apparel giveaway. Health programs such as a weight loss challenge, smoking cessation class, group fitness class, on-site physicals, even an essential oil how-to workshop (those are all the rage right now, right?) set the stage for comradery and relationship building. Classes or initiatives like these show your employees that you care about them and value their health and well-being, and something as simple as providing the group with matching t-shirts or baseball hats goes a long way towards influencing employee investment in each other and the program.

The same can be said for staff safety initiatives. Nobody wants to sit through a 3-hour online group tutorial or video safety course, but they are certainly necessary. How about livening the session up with raffle jacket giveaways at the end of the class or on an hourly basis? Thread in some fun and give your staff a mental break or two along the way to keep them engaged and interested.

Employee Milestone Recognition

Everyone needs a pat on the back now and then. Instead of getting donuts for everyone on workiversaries or blasting out a mass email congratulating Phil on his promotion and calling it good, give your people something that will last. We know that nobody needs another keychain or drink koozie, but how about a high-quality Eddie Bauer jacket, a Nike Golf polo shirt, or a sleek new messenger bag or backpack? We offer

Gallagher offers an extensive line of options from other top brands like The North Face, Ogio, and New Era, so the possibilities are endless. Take a moment to peruse our online catalog to see for yourself. If you’re unsure of the options surrounding a specific style or gift, just contact us. We’ll work with you to make sure what you order is exactly what you’re looking for.

People love free stuff, but you know what sweetens the deal? Giving them something they’ll actually use and enjoy for years to come. That’s where we can help. And while your employees are walking around looking great with their new swag, the cherry on top is that it’s got your company logo featured prominently as well, making them a walking billboard for your company everywhere they go.

Think of Gallagher when planning your next company outing, employee anniversary celebrations, or wellness initiative. We are here to help you show appreciation to your employees year-round.


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