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As Gallagher Uniform has grown from our humble beginnings in 1893 to a reputable and well-known uniform rental facility, we have been able to remain independent, family-owned and operated for the last 125 years for several reasons. We won’t dive into ALL of them now, but do want to focus on one important industrial association that has allowed us to grow and expand, while remaining independent – the CSC Network.

The CSC Network – 175 independent rental laundries in one place.  

The CSC Network (aka The National Alliance of Independent Launderers) is about partnership and sustainability. A network of more than 175 independent retail laundries in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, all members benefit by becoming more competitive and by strengthening their purchasing power through an elevated economy of scale. From our perspective this is great, we are able to exchange in best practice dialogue and work with approved vendors who offer the best products, service, and pricing in our industry – and we pass that savings on to you, our customers.

Think of it as your local grocery store compared to the big national chains. The service is generally much better and more personal when you go with the local option, plus it just feels good shopping at a store that you know is locally owned and operated. But it can be difficult for the local store to compete with the national chain when it comes to price, which is why so many end up begrudgingly shopping at a big box store every week. The CSC Network is essentially a big band of local laundries who, together, can continue to offer great local service AND compete with the national providers on pricing and available options. But that’s not even the best part.

This national network allows Gallagher customers to receive local service in multiple locations across the U.S.

While we are based out of Battle Creek, Michigan, and lead the way in service for customers in mid-Michigan, West Michigan, and Northern Indiana, through the CSC Network our reach is extended even further. If your office, warehouse, or manufacturing facility is one of many hubs scattered throughout the country, wouldn’t it be nice to receive all the benefits a local uniform and laundry provider can offer for every location instead of feeling pressured to go with a national provider?

Yeah, that sounds great but working with multiple laundry rental companies sounds confusing…

Understandable, so here are a few more details that should clear things up a bit.

Gallagher would serve as the single point of contact for every locations’ uniform rental needs.

Whether your rental needs are spread across two states or 25 states, using Gallagher Uniform and our network of other qualified CSC providers for your uniform rental, mat service, and other facility needs would simplify things with:

  • One decision-making process: Each of your locations could spend hours upon hours vetting out and comparing multiple national and local providers. That’s why many companies opt for the “easy” and time-saving decision to go with a national provider with locations around the country – so they get one pricing structure, one service agreement, and only have to make one decision. When Gallagher partners up with other CSC Network providers, you get the exact same benefit. We can even serve as your company’s single point of contact for billing, simplifying things even further.


  • Consistency: At Gallagher, we love consistency. It’s one of the key benefits of going with a uniform program in the first place. Through the CSC Network, we and our partners from around the country can put together a consistent program of garments for you since we all have access to the same supplier network as well. That means every one of your employees around the country looks great day-in and day-out. Isn’t that refreshing to think about?


  • Local service and attention: It seems like just about everything is going online these days. But unfortunately you can’t attach your dirty laundry to an e-mail just yet, and having it shipped to different depots around the country isn’t much of an alternative either. Laundry is one of those services you’re just better off going local with. Choosing to go with Gallagher Uniform and our CSC Network partners means if an employee from any of your locations is in need of a repair or a replacement, it’s all done locally – and that means faster turnaround times.


If you are a company who does have multiple locations and sees the value behind locally owned operations, this is how you can have your cake (or awesome uniform rental services in this case) and eat it too!

We skimmed the surface of our involvement in the CSC Network, so please know that if you want to learn more about our association membership and how that could benefit your business, you can reach out to our Gallagher representative anytime. We are always available to field questions, learn about your company’s rental needs, and find the solution that “fits” you perfectly.







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