The Business of Business Casual

The American workplace is much different from what it used to be. Corporate structure, hiring practices, work schedules and compensation have all been affected. But these are not the only areas of difference in today’s changing workplace.

The American office worker’s appearance has changed as well. In the past, everyone from the most seasoned professionals to entry-level employees had a common understanding of appropriate business attire. This generally involved suit jackets for men and dresses or pencil skirts for women. Thanks to the increasing popularity of business casual dress, it’s no longer that simple.

“Business casual” is a phrase used quite liberally throughout the United States right now. This trend began about a decade ago, when corporate America came to a collective understanding that employees don’t necessarily work better when they are dressed up. Say goodbye to the tradition of wearing suits every day!

As an owner, president or other executive of a company, you certainly want your employees to be comfortable and confident. But you also want to maintain a level of professionalism in the way your team dresses. That’s where renting company-wide uniforms comes in.

Uniform Rental Programs, More Than Manufacturing

When you rent uniforms for your company, you’re able to guarantee a level of unity. Uniforms aren’t just for manufacturing or production employees either, even though that’s often what comes to mind when talking about uniform programs.  Business casual is an upgrade from a work uniform. It is typically most appropriate for supervisors or managers who should be in uniform to lead their uniformed team, but also want to be casual enough for their office work image. Casual business garment rental is also important in jobs that are public or customer facing, like service writers at auto dealerships, or other sales and service jobs. Our team is able to outfit employees throughout all areas of your company, from front office to shipping dock and everything in between.

Often, a business-casual policy causes stress for office workers, as they question whether their informal outfits are up to par. However, with uniform shirts, they can dress casually and comfortably without worrying. Additionally, our uniforms at Gallagher allow you to customize them to include your company logo. This way, your employees are walking billboards promoting your business.

Will Uniforms Work for Your Business?

Choosing to implement uniforms for your employees is not a decision that can be made lightly. You’ll want to take a moment to think about your company culture, and all who can benefit through the uniform program. It includes work environment for all of your employees, mission, values, expectations and goals. Once you’ve talked this over with your team – including a variety of executives, HR team members and employees – you’re ready to select which business casual items to rent for your company.

At Gallagher Uniform, we offer a large collection of “business casual” shirts and pants that will keep your company looking sleek all year long.  We can keep you and your crew looking fashionable with the newest moisture-wicking performance polos from top brands like Nike and Eddie Bauer, available in solids, patterns or sleek new multi-color designs. Or for a timeless, classic look we offer button down oxfords available in a variety of colors and patterns as well.

For pants, we have everything from pleated slacks to smart-looking cargo pants depending, again, on your unique company culture, job requirements or simply personal preference.

For most industries, it’s time to embrace business casual dress. Flip through our Gallagher Uniform Rental Catalog and start ordering business casual uniforms for your entire team. Your employees will never again have to question whether their outfit will meet the HR department’s standards. We’re always here to answer your uniform questions, too. Simply contact us today.

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