6 Reasons Why Renting Uniforms is Your Best Move


Should you rent or purchase uniforms for your employees? It’s a good question and one worth spending some time thinking about.

If you prefer to own your company’s work apparel and have the time and resources to clean and keep track of your garments, purchasing uniforms for your employees may be your best decision. However, there are a number of reasons to consider a rental program, like the ones we operate at Gallagher Uniform. Our rental process is transparent and flexible, ensuring your employees are comfortable and looking good.

We’ll clean your uniforms for you

With a rental program, you don’t have to worry about uniform maintenance or cleaning. Gallagher representatives will pick up your soiled uniforms and provide laundered ones on a regular basis. This factor is especially important for industries that have a lot of dirty uniforms at the end of each day.

We issue an inventory of garments that is equal to a two-week supply, plus one extra set to be worn on delivery day. Your employees will arrive at work each day to a freshly laundered uniform set waiting for them. This frees your company to do its more important work.

We’ll replace your uniforms when they’re beat up, so your image won’t suffer

Whenever something is wrong with your employees’ uniforms, we’ll fix it. If an employee has a broken button, ripped pants, a small hole or a loose hem, we will repair it if possible, or replace it if necessary. We constantly inspect items to make sure every garment we deliver looks good so your employees, your business and ultimately your brand will look good too.

And, your employees can even use our mobile-app to submit repair requests or other uniform information, automatically flagging the garment in our tracking system so we know immediately that it needs attention.

We’ll adapt as your business evolves

Whether dealing with employee turnover, ongoing size changes or even updating your company’s image, change can quickly turn into a lot of work when you own your employees’ uniforms.

Gallagher Uniform rental programs are flexible and able to suit your ever-changing business needs. So whether your employees need an updated uniform size or your company colors and logo have changed, Gallagher will work with you to swap out your current arrangement for a new product.

We’re transparent

As with any successful business, transparency is essential. We want our clients to breathe easily, knowing that they have access to information about their rental uniforms every step of the way.

All your employees’ uniforms are verified through our G-Trak Certification Process before they leave our property. This software ensures accurate and complete deliveries by verifying each bundle of garments prior to delivery. It also reduces uniform program costs by minimizing the risk of loss charges and alleviates frustration that results from missing garments.

We’re human

Though we’re constantly innovating and creating new technology, at the end of the day we’re still the same family owned business that’s been around for more than 120 years. Customer service is a big part of our values and we think it’s important to chat with our customers regularly to see how things are going with our service. Not only do we have open phone lines for customer feedback, but we also provide you with data so we can look together to ensure our program is meeting your expectations and fulfilling all your needs, whether that be uniforms, mats, towels or facility services.

We’ll get you out of the laundry business

We’re proud of our long history keeping our customers looking their best by picking up, cleaning, and delivering fresh uniforms, mats, towels and more. We absolutely love what we do. But we don’t expect you to love this business too.

Our goal is to take all the stress and aggravation out of uniform rental management, because you have more important things to worry about than running your own laundry business. When you rent with Gallagher Uniform, you won’t face the daunting up-front expense of buying uniforms and the equipment to clean them, nor will you have to invest time and energy maintaining the program as employees come and go or their garments begin to wear.

When it comes to offering company uniforms, we have consistently invested in technology and processes that take all the work and worry out of your day. Let us do the work, so you don’t have to.

For more information about our uniform rental programs and options, contact us today.


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