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For over 120 years, Gallagher Uniform has been the benchmark in corporate uniform selection and laundry services throughout Southwest and western Michigan as well as northern Indiana.  Our expertise, innovation, and dedication to the highest level of customer service has made our family-owned business a premier name amongst facility management professionals throughout Michigan.

But did you know that Gallagher Uniform is the secret weapon of the marketing guys as well?

Oh sure, from an “image” standpoint, crisp, clean, well-fitted uniforms are a no-brainer.  That’s just something Gallagher Uniform delivers every day, no questions asked.  But when you’re building a brand, cohesive image re-enforcement to your client base is just one part of the marketing strategy.  You’re going to need more.

Enter Promotional Apparel

Promotional apparel is one of the professional marketer’s best-kept secrets.  Branding through apparel, when done well, can be one of the subtlest, yet solidifying, status-establishing and morale-building tools in the marketer’s arsenal.  And this strategy works with both internal and external promotional strategies.


Those three words are the stock and trade of every marketer.  Marketing is essentially nothing more than touching on those impulses to motivate an audience to move in a desired direction, whether it be mindset, attitude, or action.  And what better way to motivate than through cool swag with your logo on it?  Consider the following:

Coolness by Association – A Marketing Love Story

You’re at the beach on the weekend with your family, and you notice the neat-o beach towel that’s keeping sand off a cute, fair-skinned toddler.  And then the munchkin reaches into a matching magnet-closed cooler to grab a cold bug juice.  You kind of want that for your kids, except then you notice your competitor’s logo on both items.  But you want a cool beach towel!  Maybe your company should have those…

On Monday, sunburned to a crisp, you go into work with a plan to talk to your boss about your weekend’s marketing brainstorm.  You take a seat while you’re waiting, and notice her golf clubs in the corner, in a sharp, new embroidered golf bag.  How did she get one of those?  Oh, that’s right, she won that when her team raised the most money at that charity event last quarter where every employee who participated got that free logo’d, UV-protection t-shirt.  You make a mental note that you need to volunteer for that next year.

Your boss strolls in and takes off her slick windbreaker jacket – what brand is that?  You notice it subtly has a white on white image of your company’s logo.  Ok, it’s fair to say you desire that jacket, those clubs, and that office.  Thank you, Gallagher Uniform?

Gallagher Uniform – Promotional Apparel Experts

Yes, the same Gallagher Uniform that picks up and cleans the company uniforms and shop towels is your best resource for all of your promotional apparel needs!  Who else is better suited to help manage your professional image than the people you’ve already entrusted to keep you looking your best?

Gallagher Uniform carries a full array of promotional apparel and merchandise for our customers that can incorporate your brand for all your internal and external marketing opportunities.  From corporate picnics, public service events and incentive programs to corporate gifts and employee appreciation rewards, Gallagher Uniform provides your marketing efforts a treasure chest of resources:

Blankets, golf towels, golf bags, travel bags and messenger bags, backpacks, eco-friendly grocery totes, coolers, baseball caps, sweatshirts, windbreakers, vests, hard shells, hoodies, and more…


The Gallagher family has been keeping our customers looking great for over 120 years, and that includes far more than providing exceptional uniform rental services.  It’s an innovative spirit that partners our customers’ needs with our scope of business and operations, making their growing needs our mission statement.  We would love to hear about all of your company’s goals and community/employee activities and share with you all of our resources and expertise.  Contact us today to learn about all of the various tools at your disposal with the company you trust to manage your most valuable asset – your image.

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