Tips to Stay Cool This Summer.

Pure Michigan… While the weather is often the subject of many jokes, true Michiganders know its predictability of extremes is an oxymoron.  Gallagher Uniform’s family of customers includes thousands of employees who endure the heat and humidity day in and day out.  Whether it’s the increased heat of a production facility or direct exposure to the elements outside, Michigan and Northern Indiana’s weather, more often than not, is no laughing matter.

Gallagher Uniform is a Michigan-based company with over 120 Michigan Summers under our belt.  And, as you can probably imagine, our facility – which churns out upwards of 120,000 pounds of laundry every week – can get pretty warm, especially during the summer months. So, we’ve learned a few things about keeping cool over the years.  Here are some great tips to help make the most of summer:

Keep It Safe

1. Keep them hydrated. 

It sounds basic and simple enough, but it is remarkable how much water is lost through perspiration.  The body perspires in an effort to keep the skin cool, yet in doing so, it depletes the body of water and nutrients necessary elsewhere. This can contribute to heat stroke and dehydration, signs of which may include: red, hot, and dry skin; rapid, strong pulse; dizziness; nausea; and confusion. Make it easy for your employees to get plenty of additional water, perhaps having additional water stations accessible throughout your facility.

When it gets really hot, we also like to put out a water cooler full of a flavored sports drink to give everyone a bit of variety while staying hydrated. But it’s always important to remember that good, old-fashioned H2O should always remain the primary source of hydration.

2. Increase cooling opportunities

During extended periods of warmer weather, increase the number of breaks for employees if possible, but at the very least be sure to stress the importance of taking full advantage of every break.  Interrupting strenuous activity helps to slow down the rise in the body’s core temperature.  It also allows for more opportunities to get hydrated and take time to cool down the body.

There are also some simple life-hacks that can minimize the heat index. Keep in mind some of the following, or create a fun little hand out to remind your employees of these tips.

  • Use cooling towels, or even wrap damp towels around the neck
  • Try to avoid coffee/soda; caffeine increase the metabolic heat in the body
  • Use aloe vera as a body moisturizer; this will help lower skin temperature
  • Keep curtains/shades drawn to reduce solar heat
  • Roll up hand towels in a plastic bag and place in freezer the night before outdoor activities; keep in cooler and pat over neck, wrists, and ankles as a quick cool-down

Keep It Fun

3.  Ice Cream Afternoon Delight

When temperatures start to get up there, you need something to break the bind of the grind.  There is no better distraction on a sweltering summer afternoon than the melodious chimes of an ice cream truck.  Get a cooler full of simple old-fashioned ice cream sandwiches and distribute throughout the shop.  Temperatures will fall and morale will soar amidst a sea of childlike smiles.

4. Ice, Ice Baby

Sometimes it just takes something cold in hand to help re-focus.  Place water and ice in coolers around the workplace loaded with bottled water and pop-ice (yeah, the multi-colored tubes like when you were a kid).  Reaching around a freezing tub of ice water to grab your favorite color will put things in perspective really quick, hyper-cooling the body.

Our customer service representatives go out of their way to find the best fit for comfort and function so everyone on your team looks their best. And while some of our outfits can wick sweat with the best of them, Mother Nature can throw us some sticky situations. So, when it’s so hot that the last thing you want to wear are clothes, even ours, remember some of the above tricks to stay cool and safe this summer!

Whether your current uniform provider has you hot under the collar, or you’re simply looking for a partner in keeping your employees looking great all year long, consider making the switch to Gallagher Uniform. We welcome the opportunity to chat with you.


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