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When one thinks “fashion,” do work uniforms ever really enter the equation?  Do you really have an image of Dave from insurance strutting down the catwalk rocking his lined, banded, button-down collar and hex-cut styled front pocket with bar-tacked pencil stall?  Probably not.  But maybe you made a mental note at the office lunch meeting that Bob looked pretty sharp…

That’s what we do at Gallagher.  We make you and your employees look good via fashion.  We sew in elements of fashion to seamlessly convey an image of crispness and professionalism consistent with your company’s image.

Now in previous blogs, we’ve mentioned how Gallagher has apparel specific to the various environmental and functional demands of your employees’ individual job descriptions.  Whether it be ESD/anti-static lab coats in the plant or FR coveralls for the maintenance crew, Gallagher Uniform has you covered.  However, we’ve not really touched on the nuances on how well we do it.

We Know What Questions to Ask

Let’s face it, there are just times when you’re better off letting a pro handle something.  Like plumbing.  Always plumbing!  But a lot of other things as well.  It’s not that it’s beyond your intellectual acuity, it’s just that you simply don’t have the time to spend answering all the questions necessary to do the job well.

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know…”

When one of our associates begins to work with a customer, people are amazed at just how thorough and interested they are in knowing the full scope of the client’s business.  Sure, polite curiosity is one thing, but what gives with the 20 questions?  Well, that would be a Gallagher service professional doing their job.  Not only will you have the right type of apparel for the task at hand, in our litany of questions, we’ve ensured you’ll have the best functioning and best-looking uniform tailored for each position.

It’s all about knowing what questions to ask.  Here are just some of the fashion/function related considerations we may evaluate when making a professional assessment of a potential customer’s needs:

  • Material: Wrinkle-resistant?  Stain-resistant?  Soil-release?  Anti-static?  Flame-resistant? Hi-vis or Enhanced-vis? Moisture-wicking? Light weight, or more durable? Cotton or blend? Denim?
  • Colors: Simple and sleek? Color block? Stripes? Microchecks? Something to match or complement your logo? Something darker for heavy soil work?
  • Closures: Safety concerns? Buttons? Grippers/snaps? Zipper? Concealed? Pull-on scrubs or tees with no closures?
  • Pockets: Yes/no?  Safety concern?  Spade style?  Hex?  Bar-tacked pencil stalls? Cargos for your pants? Button closures?
  • Collars: Button-down?  Lined?  Backed?  Sewn-in collar stays?

The result?  A uniform solution tailored to the job that looks good!

Getting to know our customers, what they do, how they work – that is what has made Gallagher Uniform a trusted name in corporate uniform programs and facility services.  Give us a call and let us show you the wide array of options in enhancing your company’s image, fashionably.  But when it comes to plumbing, call a plumber! Gallagher Uniform, because no one makes you look so good. Contact us here.

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