Good Business Starts with Great Service.

Over 124 years, that’s how long Gallagher Uniform has been doing business.  An organization has to be more than qualified at their core competencies to survive that long.  No doubt, Gallagher consistently ranks best of class by our customers when it comes to employee uniform programs, promotional apparel, mats, towels and facility service supply.

But just because you’re good at what you do, doesn’t mean you’re good in business.  Seriously, how many of us have that crazy in-law with the best new business ideas, but can’t balance his checkbook to save his life? Or the brother who’s a great chef, but has buried three restaurants.

Gallagher Uniform has delivered a fantastic product AND stayed in business for well over a century, and it’s not just because we’re good at, and enjoy, what we do. We‘ve also learned the importance of managing quality business relationships over the years.  Our secret?  It all starts with our Gallagher Guarantee.

A Unique Approach in the Uniform Rental Industry. Service First.

It’s not a secret that great customer service is key to a company’s longevity. Did you know Gallagher Uniform has a 99% retention rate with our customers? Just check out our Testimonials – great service is the key theme throughout.

Customer service is fundamentally our product, which is why we don’t refer to our Route Service Representatives as delivery drivers. They don’t just deliver uniforms, mats and towels, they answer questions, solve problems, build relationships, and do it all while delivering a smile and a positive attitude to your facility as well. But we go one step further.  We’ve essentially embedded customer service into our business practice.  How? We put it in writing with the Gallagher Guarantee.

You have our 100% guarantee that our service will be exceptional and that we will be honest, fair, and professional in everything we do. We are so confident you will be satisfied with our service that we make you this promise:

As your uniform supplier, should we fail to meet your performance expectations, let us know personally, in writing.  Within the terms of our agreement, if we have not resolved your concerns within 30 days, you can cancel our service with no penalty due and receive a full refund for your last month’s rental fees AND we’ll pay your new supplier’s first month’s rental fees.

What’s the R.O.R. (Return on Relationship)?

In ours and other similar industries, there is a significant investment required of the provider upon the start of service. A typical uniformed employee requires 11 sets of shirts and pants up front – five being worn in a given week, five being washed, and one for the day we drop off the fresh ones.

Multiply that by the number of employees you have, and you start to get an idea of just how much we invest in our customers. Not to mention the time, effort and care our associates put into sorting, washing, folding, fixing and tracking all of those garments on an ongoing basis after service begins.

A solid relationship is just as important to us as it is to you when you’re considering us as your uniform rental provider. That’s why a service agreement is about much more than timelines and dollar amounts. We put together a rental program that works for you, with transparent billing policies and quality service that will save you from running your own laundry business on the side. And we simply ask that on the off-chance our service is not meeting your expectations, you let us know and give us an opportunity to make it right for you moving forward.

With our Guarantee, we kill two birds with one stone.  We assure our clients’ quality of service (and their peace of mind) while also providing a self-corrective recourse plan and termination protocol if need be.

You Deserve Great Service from Your Uniform Supplier

We’ve discussed before how thorough our reps are (see our Making You Look Good article). Service and innovative solutions are part of our culture, and part of what has driven us for over 124 years.  Give us a call and put our associates and our services to the test.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about uniform rental agreements and terms.  But know this – at the end of the day, YOU have our ultimate secret weapon: the Gallagher Guarantee.

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