Maximize Your Auto Dealership’s Image with Branded Uniforms

Have you ever seen someone enter a store and approach a person they thought was an associate only to find out that, no, they don’t work there? So awkward. Now pretend that this person is in the market for a car, a major investment, and they want to feel confident and comfortable within your dealership. They want to know immediately who they need to talk to. How do you communicate confidence and accessibility to them without saying a word? Whole dealership branded uniforms by Gallagher Uniform, that’s how.

Look, major car companies like Toyota, Ford, and GM spend millions of dollars on building their brand, exuding consumer trust in every possible way. If you are a dealership that specializes in a particular make, you can easily piggyback off the validity the brand has already built by displaying their logo on all your auto-dealership uniforms, designed specifically for your staff. 

A Consistent, Professional Appearance For Your Entire Team

Perception is reality, and while you can’t judge a book by its cover, a beautifully designed book jacket is going to draw people in, there’s just no denying that. The same idea can be applied to any dealership. Coordinated uniforms do the following:

  • Create a consistent, professional brand image that is in line with the auto brand(s) and further extends their image to a local level. Build your own business’s brand and reputation by cultivating a work culture based in part, on professional appearance.
  • Create a uniform (pun intended) experience for your customers. Gallagher Uniform offers a fantastic selection of professional, business-casual shirts and slacks that bring your teams “uniform look” to a whole new level. Whether its auto mechanic uniforms, technician uniforms or sales personnel uniforms, coordinated outfits that relate to each other and to the business enhance the overall professionalism, no matter which representative a customer encounters during their visit. You can differentiate between service departments or front of house/back of house while keeping a consistent image throughout the business.
  • Help your staff stand as a unified team. Free stuff is fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shiny new jacket or a lollypop – nobody says no to free. By providing every facet of your staff with clothing they can feel good about wearing, you’re influencing them to stand up a little straighter and maybe try a little harder too. Automotive dealership uniforms – nice ones – create a sense of purpose and unity throughout the team, pushing them to invest in themselves and the growth of the company. Branded gear makes people feel special, like they matter. You know your staff matters…but do they know it?

Our Automotive Uniform Rental Services.
Your look is our specialty.

We provide custom, high-quality automotive work uniforms, designed specifically for the rigorous demands of technicians, as well as coordinating uniforms for sales staff, service advisors and more. Our automotive uniform programs are designed to officially licensed guidelines, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mopar, Honda, and Toyota, to name a few.

We can also customize your professional technician or mechanic work shirts and front office staff attire with your company’s logo, and of course, employee names.

We also know your image goes beyond uniforms. A sharp looking, well-placed logo mat can go a long way in reinforcing your brand in customers’ minds. Comfort mats for service advisors who spend all day on their feet are not only great for their health but can also help them feel more appreciated, leading to more positive vibes given off to your customers as well!

Other rental services that will keep your people and facility looking great include:

  • Shop towels for techs
  • Microfiber towels for detailing
  • Fender covers
  • Foam soap, industrial soap and hand sanitizer
  • Safety message mats
  • Outdoor scraper maps
  • Gloves and so much more

Why Use Uniforms at Your Dealership?

Don’t bother purchasing uniforms; we are a leader in our area in providing automotive uniform rental services where we take the wheel on all your work attire requirements. Through our dynamic rental program, you don’t have to worry about buying uniforms, purchasing the equipment to clean them, or paying people to manage them. We do it all.

We base our services on enhancing your company’s image and creating a consistent, appealing look that serves as a tool for your industry. In other words, we want to help you sell and service vehicles, and think that if your staff presents itself to the public in a professional manner, with high quality uniforms, more people will want to work with you. It’s that simple.

We look forward to talking with you. Contact us today to see why you should make the switch to Gallagher Uniform.

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