Save Time with Gallagher’s Uniform Management System.

Time, that elusive beast. It can slip through our fingers and be slower than molasses, all in the same day. Remember The Rolling Stones? (Just say yes, because EVERYONE should remember The Rolling Stones.) If Gallagher had to choose a favorite song, it would be “Time Is On My Side” – because that’s what G-Trak, our online uniform management system, does for our customers. We put time on your side. (Thanks for the hook Mick Jagger!)

We use technology to save time and improve communications at every level for our customers – here are just a few examples of the magic:

G-Trak, our garment tracking system, at YOUR fingertips.

Gallagher’s internal garment tracking system utilizes barcodes and radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips on each individual garment so it can be identified and tracked at any point in the rental cycle. Every employee’s uniforms are bundled and scanned for completion before they ever leave our facility, ensuring accurate and complete deliveries. So whether being washed, repaired, or in transit – you name it – we know where your uniforms are hiding.

And by we, what we really mean is everyone. Not just Gallagher. Every Gallagher customer has a Primary Uniform Contact who is given a username and password that give them the keys to unlock the power of G-Trak too. Department Managers can access garment information relevant to their specific team and find real-time answers to run a more cost-effective program. Everything is streamlined. Thanks, technology!

Our online uniform management program allows customers to:

  • Access garment information by department and employee 24/7.
  • Track deliveries, size changes, cancellations, garment inventories and more.
  • Receive invoices via email and review them online through G-Trak.
  • View up-to-date uniform history, request products for new employees, and make changes to existing orders.

G-Trak Mobile, aka the best thing ever.

The G-Trak Mobile App takes your company’s uniform management system to a whole new level. G-Trak Mobile handles requests for repairs, replacements, size changes, what’s getting delivered next, garment history, cancel collection, and more just like G-Trak Online. The difference is that G-Trak mobile puts access to individual uniform information right in the palms of your employees, the individual uniform wearers. They can also get communication and direct feedback via text or email notifications depending on their preferences.

Our mobile app gives the power to the people to track and manage their own threads; every uniform wearer knows how many garments they have, how many times each garment has been laundered at our facility, each item’s age, size, color, and repair history! They can also submit requests for repairs, replacements and size changes, or submit a question to customer service, right from their phone. This frees up more time for General and Department Managers to do their thing, instead of feeling like they’re running a laundry service on the side, and reduces communication lags with those who work 2nd and 3rd shift.

We don’t know if you can tell, but we really believe that thoughtfully implemented technology can save time and improve operational procedures for everyone; from general staff to the managerial team, and executive leadership. These days, we could probably find an app to brush our teeth, but do we really need that? Maybe…ok no, no we don’t. But the technology Gallagher Uniform has integrated into our uniform management system was designed to simplify things for management and individual uniform wearers alike. In other words, this tech is worth trying. It might even give you that extra five minutes needed for another important task – like brushing your teeth.

Contact us today to learn more about how we use technology to improve customer experiences and watch a video that explains our G-Trak certification process.

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