Medical & Pharmaceutical Lab Coat Rental Programs

Perception is Reality

We all know this to be true (we read it on the Internet).  But when marketing a product or service, more important than any features or benefits you may be able to rattle off are the subconscious beliefs and perceptions consumers associate with your brand every time they encounter it. And sometimes even the smallest tweak in image can have a great impact on the consumer’s subconscious.  Case in point, the lab coat.

What do you think of someone who wears a crisp, clean lab coat?  Chances are someone of education, probably medical, certainly someone who works in a sanitary or controlled environment, right?  Therefore, anything this individual espouses must have some validity to it – look at them, they’re wearing a lab coat, they must be smart.

Now what if we told you that the modern-day lab coat was originally invented in the 1800s strictly as an image-defining marketing ploy?  Up until then, practicing medicine was associated with witchcraft and carpetbaggers peddling pseudoscience.  The lab coat was utilized to associate the trade to the sciences, thereby elevating the legitimacy of the profession.

Image is Everything

Today, that same respect for, or fear of, the person in the white coat still resonates subconsciously throughout the world.  Point is – image is everything, and that’s where Gallagher Uniform comes in.  We’ve made it our sole business to specialize in helping our customers look their very best – in essence, changing their reality for the better. Because a better image leads to better perceptions, and as the saying goes, “perception is reality.”

A Guide Through the Matrix

Gallagher Uniform has been in the garment maintenance business for over 124 years.  As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, that longevity stems not only from a commitment to quality and customer service, but also from a concerted effort to stay on top of the latest technologies, trends, and the specific uniform needs of a wide array of industries.

When it comes to lab coats, we know there are a variety of considerations to be made, such as the fabric, length, closure or button style, number and style of pockets, cuffed sleeves and more. So if there are industry requirements or other concerns you may have regarding a lab coat program, we’ll be happy to guide you through to the best options to meet your specific needs.

Lab Coat Cleaning Requirements. Not all Dirt is Dirt.

Oh yes, this may come as a shock to some, but dirt is not dirt!  Gallagher Uniform caters to hundreds of different cleaning scenarios due to the vast number of industries our customers are in.  Lab coats alone are utilized in the following industries, professions, and positions:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Pharmacies and Clinical Laboratories
  • Physician/Dental Practices
  • Optometry/Audiology Offices
  • Veterinarians
  • Food Processing

Every lab coat wearer is exposed to various stain-causing concerns, each a unique problem with an exclusive solution.  Some industries mandate certain chemicals and cleaning procedures. That’s why Gallagher Uniform has over 40 different washing formulas included in our automated chemical injection system.  No, soap is not soap – another reality-shifting fact!

Uniforms in and of themselves have a distinct impact on your customer’s perception of you.  However, there are few uniform garments or products that bear the weight of centuries-old expectations like the lab coat.

You Can Change Reality

How?  Well, obviously, you can wear a lab coat, but that might not be practical for all job descriptions.  But if your business requires staff to wear lab coats, we suggest you begin by contacting Gallagher Uniform to help you properly select style, size, customization and most importantly – to maintain them.

Gallagher Uniform is the industry leader in innovative garment maintenance solutions, especially when it comes to lab coat rental programs.  We also invite you to learn more about the uniform rental programs and facility services we offer.  Contact us today to hear a little bit more about how we may be able to help maximize your company’s image reality.

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