Meet Cindi, Celebrating 40+ Years

Having worked at Gallagher Uniform for over 40 years, Cindi has spent much of her time with us focused on the very details that have helped keep us running smoothly over the years. “Cindi was always my second pair of eyes and ears, and that was a huge help to me and the company,” says Mike Gallagher, who retired from Gallagher Uniform in 2014 after 36 years in the business. “She notices important details that most others would tend to miss, like a machine making a different sound than it typically does, or noticing that a piece of equipment is running a little hotter than usual. Cindi’s attention to detail has saved the company in many ways for many years.”

Seeing & Being Part of Our Growth

Cindi has worked in folding and packing for quite a while but has also worked in the steam tunnel and helps with cleaning to keep our facility looking like one of the best in the industry. So, it’s safe to say that few people know the Gallagher Uniform facility, as well as Cindi, does. “Just being here to see the growth in Gallagher’s volume of business over the years has been really cool to be a part of,” Cindi says. Having spent 40 years with the company, she’s been able to see first-hand the expansion and changes that have been implemented as time progresses. We’re always coming up with new strategies and implementing new technology to help better serve our customers, and Cindi has enjoyed being able to witness the effort and energy that has gone into developing the great customer service we provide.

Thankful That Some Things Never Change

“Even though some of the specific garment styles have changed,” she says, “the basic services and products we offer have pretty much stayed the same throughout the years.” And Cindi thinks that is symbolic of one of the great things about Gallagher Uniform; the ability to progress with the outside world while still holding firm to our values and priorities. “I’m just so happy to be here every day, and I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed with such longevity at Gallagher,” Cindi says.

Her favorite part of the work day is cleaning with the air hose. Who wouldn’t like that?! When she’s not working at Gallagher, Cindi enjoys studying the Bible and receiving ministry in a variety of ways. “And I always enjoy a little rest and relaxation whenever I can find the time!”

Cindi also rides her bike to and from work every day. Every single day. As in rain, shine, or snow, if Cindi is scheduled to work, she’s pedaling her way in and pedaling her way home. Pat Gallagher, who worked closely with Cindi during his 39 years with Gallagher Uniform, said: “Cindi’s bike rides continue to amaze me, and are a great representation of the perseverance and commitment she puts into everything she does.”

Thank You, Cindi!

Thank you, Cindi, for your hard work and loyalty to Gallagher Uniform. Your passion for the company and dedication to the small details that keep it running are contagious, and we’re so lucky to have had you for the last 40 years!

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  1. Cindi is an awesome person with great work ethic, I really enjoyed working with her. Congratulations Cindi on 42 years . Miss you


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