High Visibility Uniforms Keep Employees Safe

Spring is just around the corner here in Michigan. While we might joke about the two seasons of winter and road construction, the warmer, sunnier days are a welcome change.

As weather improves, there are many more jobs and projects that take employees outside. While there are clear needs for Enhanced and high visibility garments are recommended in any low visibility environment, which can include those who work on heavy equipment, maintenance areas, airport ramp personnel, emergency responders and those who work at night.

High Visibility or Enhanced Visibility

Not all reflective apparel is created equal. The two basic types of reflective apparel are referred to as either Enhanced Visibility or High Visibility. When selecting a reflective uniform program for your employees, it is important to consider the type of work being performed and any safety standards you may be required to meet.

  • Enhanced visibility uniform products are not made of brightly colored fabrics. Instead they typically include reflective tape around the chest and sleeve areas on shirts or jackets, and around the lower leg on pants or jeans. While these types of garments are not held to ANSI standards, they are often worn by those who work in lower risk areas, but still need to be seen. This may include oil & gas workers, building maintenance crews and similar jobs.
  • High visibility uniform products are ANSI rated and held to ANSI standards. These garments are made of the brightly colored fluorescent yellow-green, red-orange or red fabrics you’ve likely seen on road and other construction workers. These typically include reflective stipes throughout the garment as well to ensure visibility from any angle.

Uniform Safety Standards & Classifications

ANSI rated high visibility clothing is further classified by several ratings and requirements for the percent of the garment that must be reflective, based on the industry and type of work being performed. There are 3 basic classes of garments when it comes to ANSI rated high visibility uniforms:

  • Off-road (type O)
  • Roadway and temporary traffic control (type R)
  • Public safety activities (type P).

Type O, Class 1 garments contain the minimum amount of reflective material and should only be considered for use in off-road environments. Type R and Type P are further broken down by Performance Class (2 or 3) to help you determine which high visibility garments are best, or required, for your employees.

Additionally, employees of electrical utilities, chemical, oil, gas and other industries may require flame resistant or FR uniforms that are also high visibility. Know that no matter your specifications or requirements, we can provide the right type of uniform products for you, just give us a call.

High Brand Visibility

Previous high visibility garments were known to be difficult to embroider or add your logo to. If your employees are on the job, working hard and staying visible to those who pass by – you want your company name to be recognized too.

You can now choose from a variety of high visibility or enhanced visibility garments, and we can customize them with logos and name emblems. Because keeping your employees safe shouldn’t mean sacrificing your brand and image.

Rent, Lease or Purchase High Visibility Uniforms

At Gallagher Uniform, we want what’s best for you and your employees. That goes beyond simply making them look good – we also want to support your efforts in keeping them safe and visible. When you’re ready to talk about safety-enhanced, highly visible or flame-resistant uniforms for your employees, please contact us today, or take a look at our catalog.


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