Are You a Member of the Shamrock Club?

March, our favorite month of the year. Spring is on the way (we sprung forward recently), March madness and of course St. Patrick’s Day. This means shamrocks, and lots of them!

While some like to share flowers to celebrate milestones and events. We say it with more than 300 green shamrock plants. You’ll see our Gallagher leprechauns out and about this week delivering a wee bit o’ Irish cheer to brighten our customers’ day.

Then, they too will be ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

The Gallagher Shamrock Club

Every so often we see some of our friends have green thumbs. And their Shamrocks have survived from year to year. Because we love traditions, (and who wouldn’t after 124 years in business), the Gallagher Shamrock Club was started last year, even though we’ve been sharing shamrocks for about twenty years now.

This club is for all our customers who continue to grow healthy Gallagher Shamrocks year after year. Do you have what it takes to be a member?

It’s quite easy, just send us a picture of your thriving Gallagher Shamrock from last year or before and you’ll become a proud member!   

Shamrock Historyshamrock2

The shamrock plant is recognized the world over as the badge of Ireland. It was the Celtic druids who started the shamrock on its path to Irish glory! They believed the no. 3 to be a perfect number and, as such, to have inherent mystical powers. No one is quite sure why they believed this but it is possible the number signified totality.  That is, past, present and future, or sky, earth and underground. 

How to Grow Shamrocks as House Plants

We know you really just want to be part of the club next year, and that is fantastic! Shamrocks are very easy to care for, but they do have a few cultural requirements.

  • They grow best in bright light but not direct sun,
  • Keep relatively cool temperatures and plenty of fresh air.
  • Keep the soil evenly moist when they are actively growing,
  • But, allow them to slowly dry out and go into dormancy when they begin to lose vigor. 

The Shamrock’s Dormant Period

Like all bulb type plants, Shamrocks require a period of dormancy, occasionally. When grown in containers, Shamrock Plants will need two or three rest periods every year to continue growing their best.

If your plant starts looking a little punky, stop watering and as the leaves all turn brown, pull them off.  Set the planter somewhere that it will remain cool and dry for about 2 to 3 months.

Note: The purple leaved varieties of Shamrocks only need about a month of rest.

After your Shamrocks have enjoyed their ‘vacation’ you can resume watering
and give them a shot of all-purpose house plant food (10-10-10).

In a very short time you will be rewarded with a happy new Shamrock! Be sure to share your photos in the comments, on Facebook or via email to nate (@)

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