Farm and Agricultural Uniforms

Gallagher Uniform is fortunate to work with clients in various industries, including farm and agriculture. In an environment where uniforms take a beating, having quality garments is essential for success. Whether you’re in need of work shirts and pants, coveralls, or even scrubs for Michigan’s growing cannabis industry, we have the uniforms you need to keep employees comfortable, protected, and productive.

Uniform rental means quality garments

With decades in uniform services, we know the wear and tear that a farm can bring upon your clothing. That’s why we have high-quality workwear that is designed to keep employees dry, comfortable, and safe from the elements. Not only do the uniforms keep your employees comfortable, but we offer a variety of garments like shirts and pants, coveralls, hooded jackets, scrubs, and more, and all from some of the best providers out there, like Dickies, Red Kap, and Carhartt.

Sun protection and safety

It’s no secret that working outdoors can be harmful to the skin. For areas of agriculture or farm work that require team members to work outside, it’s important to make sure they’re protected. We offer dry-fit shirts from SanMar that are protective for UV 50 and above! This innovative fabric helps combat harmful rays and keeps everyone safe. In the summer heat and beating sun, get the job done knowing you’re doing so carefully.

Uniforms you can trust

And as we all know, the agriculture business comes with dirt, dust, and grime. But with a uniform rental program, you never have to worry about having a clean uniform on hand. When you spend all day farming or harvesting, your garment is sure to endure its share of rough times, but with our G-Trak mobile app, you can easily put in repair or replacement requests, track your deliveries, and more.

Don’t worry about facing the sun, heat, and other outdoor elements. Gallagher can create a customized rental program and uniform for your farm, agriculture, or growing team. Contact us today to get started!

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