Going Green: Earth Day 2023

We’re coming up on Earth Day 2023 and Gallagher is going green! We continue to work hard and prioritize sustainability and other environmentally friendly practices every day.

For five generations now, our team has been dedicated to creating a better environment for those who come after us. As a family-led business, we understand the importance of leaving a legacy, and our work toward being as “green” as possible is one of the many ways we show our love for ourselves, our families and friends, and our communities.


As a uniform company, we do a lot of laundry—upwards of 130,000 pounds every week! So in an effort to preserve our resources and use less energy in our facility, we adjusted our processes in the following ways. 

  • We use a biodegradable detergent that is free of water and with reduced packaging. 
  • Our steam tunnel reduces our natural gas consumption. 
  • Our G-Trak mobile app results in paperless invoicing. 
  • Our facility lighting has been recently upgraded to save energy.


In addition to reducing energy consumption, we are also committed to reusing our resources. In the uniform industry, lots of things can be used again or given a new purpose. At Gallagher, all hangers are reused, we use a shaker screen to remove suspended solids and reduce TSS levels, and we employ a hot water reclamation system that is top of the line.


What we cannot reuse gets recycled. All discarded garments and uniforms are donated to Goodwill Industries of Central Michigan’s Heartland, damaged hangers are recycled, internal documents are printed on scrap paper, and all of our shipments are sent in cardboard boxes with a green sticker to encourage recycling.

Certifications & programs

We have recently achieved the TRSA Clean Green Certification. Being Clean Green certified means that we uphold the highest possible standards in environmentally friendly practices in the uniform industry. We are also Hygienically Clean Certified in food safety. 

In addition, we participate in Consumers Energy’s Demand Response Program, a formal dedication to reducing energy use at our plant while lowering the overall demand on the energy grid.

The Gallagher Way is built upon family, service, and preservation of core values, and includes building a team that’s consistently seeking out ways to help our environment and community succeed. “Being green” isn’t a buzzword. For us, it’s a way of doing business. Are you interested in reducing your immediate impact on the environment and working with a uniform company with strong sustainable standards? Make the switch to Gallagher Uniform today!

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