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People can be nice as the day is long, but when it comes to letting someone into their house, or office for that matter, even the nicest people may raise an eyebrow or two. The truth is, we do judge a book by its cover – especially related to service industry employees. When people open their homes or businesses to a stranger, they need to feel safe and confident that this person is not only going to do a good job, but that they’ll be professional and trustworthy as well.

That’s why it’s so important that men and women specializing in service-related industries such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical work and any kind of delivery service not only have their teeth brushed and hair combed but arrive wearing quality uniforms that properly represent the company and the brand.

Image is everything.

Outside of your company’s walls, image is everything. If your people look put together in quality uniforms that bear your logo and emblematic company colors, customers will in turn look upon them as trustworthy individuals and true extensions of your brand. Service industries are wholly focused on the customer (just like we are), and clothing that fits well and looks polished projects the right kind of image. Think of it in reverse: how would you feel if a dishwasher repair person graced your doorstep in dirty, tattered, ill-fitting clothing – but with your logo? Not good. Working with Gallagher Uniform will ensure that bad dream never becomes the reality.

Service industry uniforms help create a professional environment.

By night, your service man or woman could be a cabaret dancer, tattoo artist or fire-breathing member of a merry performance troupe – and that’s cool – but by day, they are professional members of your company. Uniform programs help promote professionalism and create a sense of teamwork, helping both employees and customers get in the right frame of mind on the job. Professional, clean uniforms also let the customer know that you care about appearance, safety and hygiene. This can immediately establish a strong, positive business image that attracts and retains loyal customers along with high-quality referrals.

Gallagher helps service industry employees get the job done right.

When it comes to service industries, time is money and can often mean the difference between a happy and a dissatisfied customer. We know, because we belong to a service industry and keeping customers happy (and looking great) is what we’re all about.

When service professionals arrive in the morning, ready to get out and serve your customers, the last thing they should be worrying about is whether their pants arrived on time or if the name emblem on their shirt is falling off. At Gallagher Uniform, we make concerns like these a thing of the past by constantly implementing the latest technology and coming up with improved, innovative processes such as:

  • Barcodes & RFID Chips: Allow each individual garment to be identified and tracked at any point in the rental cycle and automatically sorted in our facility through our advanced DVT Sorting system.
  • Bundle Verifier Stations:  Every employee’s uniforms are bundled and scanned for completion before they ever leave our facility, ensuring accurate and complete deliveries.
  • G-Trak Online: Allows managers and team leaders to access every employee’s garment information and track deliveries, size changes, inventories and more 24/7.

G-Trak Mobile: Allows each individual uniform wearer to track their garments and submit requests for repairs, replacements, size changes and more, right from their phone.

Keep your people looking good day in and day out with our Uniform Rental Program.

Our customers stay with us because we deliver the highest level of quality and service in the garment maintenance industry, and have for over 120 years.  We know that there are special laundering or handling requirements for specific industries, fabrics, and staining agents. We’ve invested in the proper research, equipment, and facilities to provide state-of-the-art results within an environmentally friendly footprint.  We have what it takes to protect your uniforms and keep your employees looking great no matter where they are.

Make the switch to Gallagher Uniform, and see the difference we can make in your day-to-day operations.

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