Happy Company – Happier Employees with Uniforms from Gallagher

The jury is back and their decision is unanimous, happy employees stick around longer. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But, did you know that a strong uniform program can a play an important role in worker happiness, thereby employee retention? (See how we connected the dots there.)

Here’s how employee uniforms can boost the happiness factor within your office, industrial facility, medical lab, etc. Honestly, anywhere your employees go to work, we’ve got a uniform that’s perfect for them.

Quality Uniforms Benefit Employees

High-quality workplace uniforms don’t just make people look good, they feel good too – and we aren’t just talking about the soft fabric. Getting touchy-feely for a moment, uniforms (nice uniforms) not only keep workers comfortable but help them develop a sense of solidarity with other co-workers, creating a positive environment based on loyalty, unity, and pride. Uniforms can also instill confidence, putting the force of the corporate reputation behind each individual. Uniforms tell your employees that you trust them to be a strong, reliable representative of the company – now that’s gotta feel good.

The key is in the quality though, nobody wants to wear scratchy, dime-a-dozen uniforms. That doesn’t feel good – both in a physical and emotional sense. Rest assured, Gallagher Uniform carries a collection of brands that are built for comfort and longevity. Check out the latest addition to our growing roster of high-quality options – The North Face! Gallagher offers a variety of employee uniforms that keep your people comfortable in fabric that feels good and looks good.

Uniforms Enhance Worker Performance  

Laughing is contagious. We all know that person who sets off a chain reaction of laughter at the most inappropriate time. Happiness is contagious too! A person who takes pride in their job and feels as though they belong will strive to help others feel the same way. This enhances their personal performance and influences the performance of those around them.

Uniforms help create a sense of professionalism, which in turn, can improve performance and employee satisfaction. Uniforms also take away the socio-economic component of clothing, removing any evaluations based on outward appearance. In other words, a stronger focus is placed on the performance measures of the individual, rather than how fashionably they dress.

Make Everyone’s Life Easier with a Uniform Rental Service from Gallagher

Gallagher’s Uniform Rental Program can help lighten the load for both your employees and management professionals.

For employees:

  • Take laundry off the laundry list of things your employees have to think about. With our uniform rental program, they get clean, quality uniforms delivered every week without having to stress about laundry day.
  • Uniform rentals save your employees time and money while ensuring a safe work environment.
  • They remove the need for employees to purchase work clothing, reducing financial stress, and lead to higher levels of performance. High-quality uniforms that look and feel good are a company perk!

For management:

  • Take the onus of uniform coordination off your manager’s plate with our G-Trak App. The uniform industry’s most advanced uniform management tool available today – and only from Gallagher Uniform. Enjoy lower administration costs, lower uniform costs and improved communication with this tech-savvy tool.

Uniforms not only give your employees a professional appearance, they enhance your company in the eyes of customers. This seamless image helps to develop trust and brand recognition, two very important things when it comes to marketing your business. Choose to make the switch to Gallagher today, and help your employees feel good from the inside out with top-of-the-line uniforms from the local professionals. (That’s us.)

Contact us with any questions, we would love to hear from you!



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