Yes, Gallagher Uniform Is Adding North Face to Its Roster of Outerwear Brands!

It’s not a secret that the weather, it’s a changin’. Gone are the days of running wild and free in stylish short-sleeve polos and cotton t-shirts. But don’t worry, cold winter weather doesn’t mean your employees have to sacrifice style for warmth. Quite the opposite, now that Gallagher Uniform has added select styles from The North Face to its growing catalog of outerwear brands!

At Gallagher Uniform, we already offer a great selection of high-quality cold weather work gear and outerwear from reputable brands like Ogio, Nike, Eddie Bauer and Port Authority. Adding The North Face to our line-up provides customers with even more variety, guaranteeing a fashionable solution to every uniform challenge.

Quality Outerwear for the Most Extreme Weather Conditions.

The North Face company began in 1966 and is named for the coldest, most unforgiving side of the mountain. While your employees may not be scaling mountains in sub-zero temps anytime soon, the resiliency and quality of the company’s products have been proven time and time again.

From soft shell coats and ThermoBall™ jackets to DryVent™ rain jackets and thermal vests, any product from The North Face can be counted on for its ability to withstand the elements. Their high-quality line of outerwear will keep your people warm, dry and windchill-free in the depths of Midwest winters. Not to mention, looking good with your company logo on it, too!

Keep Your Employees Visible Both Inside and Out.

You’ve worked hard to provide every person on your team with stylish, branded uniforms, delivered clean and on time – but what’s the point if they cover up your company’s logo with a nondescript winter coat? While you can’t control the weather, you can control your brand’s visibility.

Outerwear that’s customized by Gallagher Uniform to include your company’s colors and logo are an important component of your brand awareness strategy. Stylish jackets or heavy-duty winter coats that carry your logo convert employees into brand ambassadors that offer advertising opportunities wherever they go. It also promotes a sense of unity on and off-site, instilling a feeling of pride and belonging among staff and associates. Give your people a high-quality coat from The North Face, and we bet they never want to take it off.

If your employees work with equipment outside, load cargo in a warehouse facility, or attend lunches and meetings off-site, consider cold weather work wear from Gallagher Uniform and The North Face to complement your snappy company uniforms. It’s the complete package.

Lightweight jackets, fleece zip-ups and other garments from The North Face also make great holiday gifts for employees or key customers. Show them just how high quality your brand is when it’s embroidered on one of these jackets.

Explore our online catalog of outerwear options and consider making the switch to Gallagher today! Get in touch to learn more about our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and uniform offerings.

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