Up to Snuff – Gallagher’s Food Processing Uniforms Are Made and Serviced with HACCP in Mind.

Nobody likes being sick – and getting sick due to food poisoning is the worst. There you are enjoying a nice chicken dinner and BAM! You’re out of commission for the next three days. On the flip side of that scenario, think about the food processing facility, the last thing they want is to be culpable for that trip to the restroom, or even worse, the hospital. Following food processing uniform requirements, as outlined by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, helps prevent the incidence of cross-contamination during raw material production, procurement and handling, manufacturing and distribution.

With years of experience servicing food processing plants of every size throughout mid and southwest Michigan and northern Indiana, Gallagher practices and maintains a keen understanding of the specific uniform requirements as defined by HACCP to help our customers meet these demands – because we don’t like getting sick either. Here are just a few of the considerations taken when dealing with food processing uniforms.

No Pockets Above the Waist and No Buttons

Pockets are so fun and handy, but there’s a time and place for them. And it’s not inside a food processing facility. Pockets are prone to trapping bacteria, and potentially transferring nasty micro-organisms to consumables. Yuck. Buttons are on par with the pocket conundrum, they trap bacteria too, and should be avoided. They can also come off and fall into the food or packaging. We don’t know about you, but we don’t want to eat a button.

Durable Fabric and Properly Fitted Uniforms

At Gallagher, we are committed to keeping up with the latest advancements in uniform fabric technology and comfort to keep your employees safe, comfortable, and looking great. Nowhere is that more important than in food processing and production facilities where sanitary, sterile, safe work environments are an absolute must. We offer uniforms specifically designed for food processing environments that are made to withstand an intense laundering process and the wear and tear associated with daily use.

Damaged Uniforms Are a Non-Issue with Gallagher

But if an item of clothing does become torn, frayed, or otherwise damaged can be difficult to clean properly and is much more likely to harbor dangerous bacteria. We won’t let that happen. Every garment that comes through our facility undergoes a 3-point inspection process, so should one come through that doesn’t pass our quality check, we flag it immediately and either repair or replace it.

In fact, over 90% of all the repairs and replacements are identified by our inspection team before you have the chance to report it (which you can, via G-Trak Mobile). We adopted this instant repairs and replacements program long ago as part of uniform rental strategy, because your image is our reputation.

From your plant to ours – we keep ‘em separated.

Many of the requirements defined by the HACCP are already inherent within our state-of-the-art uniform rental program and processes. To start, our Route Service Representatives run a tight ship. Trucks are kept clean and well-organized so the clean garments being delivered and the soiled ones being picked up are kept physically separated to prevent cross-contamination.

The same goes for our plant associates as well. When the soiled garments are brought back to our environmentally friendly laundry processing plant, loads are strategically separated to ensure your garments don’t get mixed in with another that may pose a potential risk.

Then technology takes over – this is the fun part!

The innovative solutions we offer at Gallagher Uniform not only set us apart from our competition, they also have the added benefit of helping us stay ahead of HACCP requirements for our customers.  With over 40 different wash formulas, our automated chemical injection system for wash formulas was designed to guarantee the cleanest and best-looking garment possible for each individual load. This system also helps extend the useful life of the garment, and helps lower costs.

Making sure every garment is cleaned sufficiently is, of course, an absolute necessity, but it doesn’t end there. Our industrial dryers are constantly monitored to make sure they are hitting the “kill point” temperature required to effectively eliminate any risk of remaining bacteria. After they’re dried, every garment is hung and sent through our 300-degree steam tunnel.

From there, everything is automatically sorted utilizing our RFID chip technology and DVT sorting system. This keeps your uniforms together and completely separated from any soiled garments until they’re sent back for the next delivery.

As a locally owned company, we are invested in our community and dedicated to helping our customers succeed – especially when it comes to safety. Whether you’re a small food production facility or large-scale corporation, at Gallagher Uniform, we treat customers to the same level of excellence and have the uniforms you need to keep food production safe for everyone.

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