Large, Complex Accounts? They’re Our Specialty!

Gallagher Uniform is known for being family-owned – 5 generations and 125 years strong. We’re also locally operated in Battle Creek, MI. Those are two distinctions we are proud of, but sometimes, because we are family owned and local business, companies may assume that we can’t run with the big dogs; thinking we don’t have the capacity or know-how to handle large accounts. To put it simply – that assumption is incorrect. In fact, we specialize in handling large, complex accounts.

Just to give you an idea, of the hundreds of uniform programs we handle from West Michigan to northern Indiana, over half of our weekly volume comes from customers that have between 100 and 3,000 employees in uniform. We’ve been managing uniform programs of this magnitude for years, and during that time we’ve come to gain an unmatched level of expertise regarding many of the complexities that can come along with them.

Flexibility is our Middle Name

Our innovative uniform rental programs allow all our customers, whether specializing in pharmaceuticals, automotive, or food processing, to be flexible in their decision making and uniform needs. Over the years, as times have changed and our customers have grown, we’ve remained flexible enough to grow and adapt with them as well.

Our state-of-the-art plant in Battle Creek, MI is quite a sight to see. We take pride in keeping our plant looking great, just like our customers, and love it whenever we get the chance to take a customer (or a customer-to-be) on a plant tour. If you were to take the tour, one of the first things you would notice – aside from the massive laundry equipment – is just how many garments our facility can actually hold.

That’s because in 2014 we completed a major expansion of our plant. This expansion not only significantly increased our square footage and storage capacity, but it was also a strategic move to allow us to accommodate the needs of current and future food and pharmaceutical customers by further separating clean and soiled garments.

We’ve recently updated and expanded our plant infrastructure and processes as well, to increase efficiency and further accommodate our growing customer base. And, we are currently rolling out a brand garment inventory solutions that will take customer service from  Gallagher to the next level in speed and efficiency. The bottom line is, we have continued to re-invest in the company to ensure we can meet the needs of our current and future customers, of all sizes, all while remaining local and independent.

G-Trak & G-Trak Mobile: Immediate Access for Everyone

While other uniform providers may say they track, our 24/7 customer service technology, G-Trak is a head above the rest. It has been fine-tuned over the years, specifically to meet the needs of our largest, most complex accounts. HR managers, accounting departments, and department managers love G-Trak because it makes their lives easier with live access to garment listings, invoices, employees cancel reports and more.

On top of that, our mobile service solution, G-Trak Mobile, gives every individual uniform wearer the ability to submit service requests for repairs, size changes and more, right from their phones. With these two solutions in place, whether we are servicing 5 people or 3,000 people, the amount of live information you’ll have available at your fingertips with Gallagher Uniform is absolutely unrivaled in our industry.

The key takeaway here is that we’ve developed and implemented industry-leading technology to handle large-scale laundering and facility service operations like no one else. Nothing falls through the cracks with Gallagher.

Partnerships that Provide a National Reach with a Local Feel

According to a recent survey, local, independently-owned uniform rental companies were twice as likely to exceed expectations when compared to large, national chains in categories like Timely Response, Complete Deliveries, and Overall Satisfaction. For large companies with locations around the country, using a national provider may seem like the only choice. But using Gallagher Uniform and our network of other qualified CSC providers for your uniform rental, mat service, and other facility needs, guarantees the local service and attention you’re looking for, whether your rental needs are spread across two states or 25 states.

The CSC Network (or National Alliance of Independent Launderers) represents 175 independent laundries nationwide that work together to provide large national accounts with a localized uniform rental service option. In addition to receiving great, local service, this option also offers the benefits of a consistent program from location to location and a streamlined decision-making process.

While small “mom and pop shops” will always hold a special place in our heart, we are fully capable and excited to take on larger accounts that are housed within Michigan and Indiana, or span across the country. Our technological capabilities and focus on customer care and flexibility, coupled with our extensive network of independently owned launderers, make us the perfect fit for accounts large and small.

Learn more about making the switch to Gallagher today!


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