Let Gallagher Take the Wheel

Let Gallagher Take the Wheel

If you follow along with all things Gallagher Uniform, you’ll know we recently began servicing the Detroit area—back where it all began for us in 1893. Although Gallagher has been providing service since before Henry Ford even invented the assembly line, we are proud to offer an entire line of automotive and mechanic garments and uniforms, outfitting the auto industry in top notch workwear.

Gallagher Uniform is here for you

Our commitment is to provide our customers with consistent branding that serves its purpose in a comfortable way, and our rental programs allow us to do just that. With the dirt, grease, or grime your employees may meet while working at a dealership or repair facility, it can certainly be a hassle thinking about managing uniforms. That’s where we come in. Gallagher can do it all, including laundering your dirty garments and providing you with fresh, clean sets on a regular basis. Don’t worry about purchasing and cleaning uniforms and let us handle the process so you can focus on the jobs in front of you.

You’ve got options

We provide automotive uniform programs specific to officially licenses guidelines, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mopar, Honda, and Toyota. We can customize all of your garments with your company logo, personalizing each item and giving your team members a true sense of teamwork. Our garments are tailored for fit and function and feature options like Touchtex Technology, ripstop fabrics, sleeved utility pockets, convertible collars, and more.

Towels, mats, and more

Gallagher started in the towel rental business, so we know a thing or two about general maintenance as well. We offer thorough janitorial and cleaning supplies programs, and towel, mop, and mat rental programs too. Your auto facility needs upkeep, and we’re happy to provide you with services that keep your business functioning safely. Whether it’s towels and rags for cleaning or anti-fatigue mats for work areas, you can trust Gallagher to know how to help.

Whether you’re looking to outfit a sales team, technicians, service advisors, or other positions in the automotive industry, we have plenty of options to keep your employees looking and feeling their best. Contact us today to learn more.

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