Snowpocalypse What!? Gallagher Keeps on Rolling

Snowpocalypse What!? Gallagher Keeps on Rolling

This past weeks weather was one for the record books! Bitter cold temperatures, lots of snow and less than desirable driving conditions brought school closings, business closings, government closings and even a state of emergency for the State of Michigan.

Kudos to all of those to kept things moving – braving the roads to get to work, get goods delivered. It certainly was a test of the grit that Michiganders exemplify in the winter.

Gallagher Uniform was one company that kept going through the storm. Was it easy? No – but customers count on us to deliver their uniforms, so they can keep on working too.

We’re proud to say that we were able to maintain all of our routes throughout this week. And we want to thank all of our Gallagher Associates to made it happen.

Rolling Strong All Week

John Gallagher shared, “that’s just what we do, our route team, production associates, admin support, all showed up and supported each other with extra rides, taxi rides, jumper cables, whatever it took. It makes me very proud of the culture we’ve built and the commitment of our associates.”

What about the woman who rides her bike to work?

If you know Gallagher, you know about our long-time associate, Cindi, who rides her bike in to work 365 days a year. Well, she finally conceded to getting a ride to work this week. And we were very happy to make sure she was safe and warm on her way in.

We’re thrilled to see warmer temperatures on the horizon, even if for a short while. And, if old man winter sends more cold and snow our way, you can count on Gallagher Uniform to make sure there is never a worker without pants (or shirts, or jackets) while we’re on the job.

Stay warm!

*Photo courtesy of The City of Battle Creek. Find them on Facebook!

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