Towels. Not just a Summer Accessory!

We Stock a Variety of Towels, Perfect for Your Place of Business

Towels are a critical operational component for countless businesses, from mechanic shops to hotels to fitness centers. If your business utilizes towels, you know how much time and energy they consume, not to mention the upfront cost to purchase and maintain them. What you may not realize is that you can use a towel rental service to save time, energy, and money, enjoying superior towels at the same time.

Towel rental programs that offer a wide variety of towels for your business

  • Need something that can handle dirt, grime, and oil? Our shop towels are a perfect fit.
  • Looking for towels for your gym patrons or hotel guests? Check out our inventory of bath towels.
  • Need something more versatile for your restaurant or bar? Our microfiber, kitchen, and bar towels should keep you covered.
  • Not sure what the best towel fit is? Give us a call anytime and we can help with that, too!

Economical and Efficient

A towel rental service may not seem like the most economical decision, but stop to think of all your major business investments. Towels are expensive to buy and they are also costly to maintain. Not only that, but you need a LOT more of them than you may think. Now add in the industrial equipment for laundering so many towels and the cost to install and maintain that equipment, not to mention all of the labor costs involved in actually laundering the towels and keeping them stocked, and you are looking at a significant monetary investment.

With a towel rental service, there is no substantial upfront investment for purchasing towels, and the towels are all laundered at Gallagher’s facilities, meaning maintenance costs will never be your problem. We also come by regularly to pick up dirty towels and drop off the clean towels, which keeps you and your staff freed up to focus on the rest of the business.

Expect Consistent, High-Quality Service from Gallagher Uniform

Whether the end users are your mechanics, bar staff, or customers, nobody likes to use a ratty, grungy towel. Low-quality or damaged towels negatively impact staff morale and your customers’ impression; don’t let that be a problem you struggle with! Gallagher’s towel rental service includes regular inspections of rented towels to ensure the utmost in quality and service.

Running a business takes a substantial amount of time and energy. Don’t spend that time and energy worrying about towels; let Gallagher shoulder that responsibility! As a local, family-owned company in operation for over 125 years, we understand that customer service and quality products are critical, and we are committed to providing the best of both. Make the switch to Gallagher today to set up your laundry rental service!

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