Common Challenges Business Face with a Uniform Rental Company

Choosing to work with a uniform rental company for all the garments needs of your team members is a big decision. It’s like your handing over your car keys to a mechanic and betting the car comes back better than when you left it (as it should). And if it doesn’t, there’s a real problem. That worry is legitimate, as are the common concerns you may have when deciding to work with a uniform rental service. You’re trusting them to do their job and do it well.

At Gallagher Uniform, we find that trust is better established when we are transparent and upfront with our customers, clearing up any potential worries. Once customers understand the method to our madness, the dedicated time we take to ensure they have a positive experience, their load feels a little lighter (and we’re not talking about laundry!).

Here are some common struggles many small, medium and large businesses face when choosing the right uniform rental company – and the Gallagher Uniform Solutions!

“It’s hard to find a rental program that fits all the different employees’ roles in my company.”

That is certainly a challenge. Take an auto dealership for example. They may need branded uniforms for the front desk, sales team, auto technicians, mechanics, etc. And we can’t see someone getting under the hood in a collared polo shirt. This facility would need a wide variety of uniforms, but all branded under their dealership name and car brands. Even from a manufacturing perspective, the facility manager may need different uniforms for general manufacturing, supervisors, ARC rated uniforms, high visibility, the list goes on.

Luckily, companies can look to Gallagher Uniform as a single source for all their employee uniform requirements. Here, you’ll find a selection of uniforms from business casual, industrial work wear, and women’s uniforms. We also carry specialty uniforms like high visibility & fire resistant garments and lab coats, even specialty sizes for big & tall and more. With Gallagher, finding something for everyone is a piece of cake.

“I can never get ahold of the company rep, and I don’t have a lot of time to be dealing with uniform complaints!”

 Working with a supplier dedicated to your uniform needs should be easy, not difficult. With Gallagher, you’re assigned a Route Service Representative at the very beginning. Your Route Service Representative makes your first delivery and every scheduled delivery for the weeks to come. We’ve also taken pains to make communication as quick and easy as possible including:

  • Service Request Boards that have direct contact information to your Route Service Representative and Route Service Supervisor. There are also service request cards conveniently located for employees to request repairs anytime.
  • With G-Trak Mobile, you and your employees have a direct connection to your uniform program. Using our app, you can make uniform size changes, request repairs and replacements, see when your next pick up or delivery is scheduled, and receive up-to-the-minute collection reports.

“I don’t understand the invoices and feel like I’m being taken advantage of.”

That’s a deal breaker. Like any competitive industry, when you feel disrespected, ignored or (gulp) cheated, it’s time to pull the plug. Luckily, our easy to read, transparent statements keep inventories on track and budgets in line. They are always emailed during delivery and provide absolute transparent billing – no hidden charges, ever. We also set a standard that you don’t pay for your garments until you have them to wear!

“I don’t feel confident that the garments will be reliably repaired.”

At Gallagher, your image is our reputation. And we’ve maintained a stellar reputation because we make each and every one of our customers look their best. Should a garment come through the facility that doesn’t pass our quality inspection, we either repair or replace it. In fact, over 90% of all the repairs or replacements are identified by our inspection team before your employees even notice. We inspect all uniforms at three different checkpoint areas and do our final inspection once all the garments are hung in order by the customer.  This allows us to “Grade” garments against others within the same company. What’s more, all products are G-Trak Certified, meaning they are scanned out together before they leave, ensuring there are no missing items with us.

Take laundry off the list of things to do and make the switch to Gallagher. With our uniform rental programs, you get clean, quality uniforms delivered every week with no stress and lots of satisfaction. Help your employees feel good from the inside out with top-of-the-line uniforms from the local professionals.

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