Delivering Uniform Rental Programs for Every Industry, for over 125 years

When we say the word ‘uniform’ what do you picture? Maybe a set of navy blue coveralls? How about a black polo shirt with matching black pleated pants? While we do carry both those items, some uniforms of today are changing. Many workplaces are becoming more flexible in their required attire, while others are dedicated to a more standardized appearance.

We work hard to be aware of uniform trends and innovations, offering the best brand name clothing and flexible uniform programs in our area. Uniforms have a long-standing history in manufacturing, and we’ve been a part of that for 125 years and counting. While trends come and go, our uniform rental programs offer a wide selection of high-quality garments, with service you can count on. For that reason, Gallagher should be the name that comes to mind when you think of uniform rental companies you want to partner with.

Is one type of uniform better than the other? No way. What’s important to our customers is having an array of garment options that fit their industry, their production processes, and all while ensuring their employees have comfortable, high-quality work uniforms delivered complete and on-time.

Uniform Rental Programs Built to Last

We’ve been in this business since 1893 – that doesn’t mean we know everything, but it’s safe to say we’ve had time to perfect what we do. And that’s build solid, trustworthy uniform rental programs for businesses of any shape, size or industry. These programs are the “meat and potatoes” of our company, and they’ve stood the test of time for a few reasons.

  • No matter how much we grow and evolve, our focus has always been on customer service excellence.
  • We are dedicated to continuous innovation to meet the needs of our growing customer base. We will never sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • We secure uniforms from top-tier suppliers that, like us, expect garments to last for more than a few washes, remain comfortable, and help people get their jobs done safely.
  • Beyond uniform rental, we also offer facility services such as paper product replenishment, towel rental programs, mat rentals, and more, helping not only your employees look their best, but your facility as well. It’s a package deal.

Direct Sale Garments at Gallagher

If uniform rental programs are the “meat and potatoes” of Gallagher, direct sale garments are dessert. We understand that the corporate look is evolving and changing dress code rules seek to accommodate personal taste and expression, encouraging employees to showcase who they are, while still building a unified appearance of professionalism. Along those lines, we support rental programs with corporate direct sale programs as well.

The Gallagher Uniform catalog reflects our support of both rental work uniform programs, and direct sale garments. These direct sale items speak to the company seeking to provide their people with more fashion-forward, flexible options, and we can help with that. Carrying uniform garment brand names like RedKap, Wrangler, North Face, San Mar, Eddie Bauer, Ogio, Wrangler, and Nike, we want to help your team feel good about what they wear every day.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and uniform offerings today.








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