Stay Safe in the Cold: The Critical Need for Flame-Resistant Outerwear

As winter comes, employees often wear their warmest jackets and coats, which are not part of their work uniforms, to stay comfortable in the cold weather. But, throwing on standard winter outerwear poses serious risks for workers in hazardous industries. The use of non-flame-resistant (FR) jackets and coats over FR garments severely compromises protection and endangers employees.

As a reliable uniform supplier for Western Michigan and Northern Indiana, Gallagher Uniform recognizes the challenges of Midwest winters. We also recognize the unique demands of hazardous work environments. That’s why we’re urging both employers and employees to gear up right this winter season with FR outerwear.

The Dangers of Standard Winter Outerwear in Hazardous Industries

In jobs with risks like flash fires and electric arcs, FR (flame-resistant) clothing is crucial. It acts as a barrier, protecting the wearer from harm. However, when workers layer non-FR winter coats and jackets over FR uniforms, they unravel that critical safeguard.

Without complete flame-resistant coverage, employees risk harrowing injuries. Standard winter outerwear fuels flash fires, melts to the skin, and allows preventable burns. Even momentary exposure of non-FR garment remnants to an electric arc could prove disastrous.

Leading safety authorities like the Electrical Safety Foundation International warn against blending any non-FR apparel with FR uniforms. OSHA protocols and standards, such as NFPA 2112, clearly require comprehensive flame-resistant clothing at hazardous sites. Why? Because without full FR protection, businesses gamble with their most valuable asset – their workers.

The Gallagher Solution: FR Outerwear for Complete Protection

At Gallagher Uniform, we make it simple to supplement current rental bundles with essential flame-resistant jackets and outerwear. Our FR jackets, parkas, coveralls, and high visibility bibs integrate seamlessly into uniform programs. Rather than have staff scramble to acquire their own winter layers or compromise consistency in cold months, expand your program with Gallagher.

Keep workers warm, safe, and uniformly branded through trusted Bulwark garments designed for sub-zero temperature defense. Gallagher Uniform handles the entire rental process – from custom-tailored FR coat fittings to routine cleaning and maintenance. Set your team up for success around the clock, in any condition, without losing branding oversight.

Contact us today to explore bundling these Bulwark staples into existing uniform rental packages:

  • ARC-Rated Parkas: Tested protection from electric arcs with a professional appearance
  • High Visibility FR Jackets and Bibs: Ensure workers are visible and shielded
  • FR Insulated Jackets: Battle the cold without compromising safety
  • FR Coveralls: Head-to-toe protection for extreme conditions

Flame Resistant Outerwear

These flame-resistant outerwear options are designed and tested according to industry safety standards, ensuring they provide dependable protection against flash fires, arc flashes, and combustible dust. Keep your workers warm, safe, and branded for seamless protective coverage.

The Critical Role of Education on FR Outerwear Safety

Providing FR outerwear is an essential first step for worker protection. However, education is equally vital to drive home safety practices. Workers may not fully grasp the drastic difference non-FR jackets can make in hazardous scenarios unless explicitly taught.

That’s why here at Gallagher Uniform, we urge employers to inform staff on:

Education and access to FR outerwear uniforms go hand-in-hand. Use instructional sessions, signs, newsletters, and manuals to remind staff. It’s important to maintain protective fundamentals, especially during the cold months. Pair vital safety knowledge with Gallagher’s trusted FR outerwear for optimal protection.

Don’t Gamble with Safety: Prioritize Complete FR Protection

There are no shortcuts when it comes to safety. The only acceptable standard in hazardous industries is complete protection from head to toe.  Blending non-FR winter garments with FR uniforms is a risky gamble with staff wellbeing.

This winter, empower your team to perform at their best by ensuring complete FR coverage. With Gallagher Uniform’s reliable range of ARC-rated parkas, high visibility jackets, and insulated outerwear, you can make sure your workers are fully protected from hazards. 

Treating worker protection as the paramount priority reinforces what matters most – your people. Reach out to Gallagher today to discover tailored winter workwear packages for your hazardous industry to combine essential safety education with OSHA-grade protection from Bulwark. 

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