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Gallagher Uniform Delivers R&R

A little R&R is essential every now and again – and no, we’re not talking sunglasses, sand, and those drinks with little umbrellas that get in the way of the straw – at Gallagher Uniform, we mean uniform repair and replacement. You can trust Gallagher Uniform to take care of all your employees uniforms repair and replacement needs, so that you can rest easy and relax. At least when it comes to your uniform program.

On-Site Inspection for Uniform Repair

We’d rather you never deal with the unpleasant discovery of a damaged uniform when your employees delivery comes in. That’s why when we receive your used garments at our facility, we check each garment for any tears, rips, missing buttons, or other areas in need of repair before it needs to be brought to our attention.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand. G-Trak

We know the benefits of autonomy in the workforce, so why not employ that same belief when it comes to uniform repair and replacement? Gallagher is happy to provide you and your employees with G-Trak, our online garment tracking system. You can check the progress of your shipment, report any issues upon receiving the order, and get answers in real time.

We encourage uniform wearers to use G-Trak Mobile, our app for their smartphone which allows workers to report a damaged uniform, check the status of the requested repair, request a size change, or even ask questions about their order. This streamlines the repair and replacement process and keeps employees in the loop without any middleman. While our on-site inspection processes are thorough, making us aware of the needed repair beforehand means you’ll be getting a new uniform that much quicker.

Service Request Boards

Another way a uniform wearer can put in repair requests is through our service request boards. Each customer receives a service board with their Route Supervisor contact information, Route Rep contact information, and service request cards which can be filled out and submitted to check their garment for repairs. A wearer simply fills out the form with their company name, personal name, barcode of damaged garment, and what is wrong with the garment ie: broken zipper, missing button, tear, etc.

Replacements at the Ready

Your employees work hard day-in and day-out to get the job done, and that can put a lot of stress and wear on the uniforms that protect them. So, when your uniforms are worn beyond repair, you can count on us to ensure a smooth and efficient replacement. Our stock room is equipped with hundreds of garments that are ready to replace damaged garments. If the garment is not in stock, we simply order a new one. Rest assured; our garment replacement process will not slow you down.

The Best Uniform Program is the One You Don’t Hear About

If your employees are fed up from missing, non-repaired uniforms, and need a quick and efficient system for repairing and replacing uniforms, then make the switch to Gallagher Uniform. Leave the hard work to us, so that you can focus on the real R&R.

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