Uniform Programs and Their Role in Employer Safety Programs

The Numbers on Workplace Safety

In 2018 alone, serious, nonfatal workplace injuries amounted to $58.5 billion in direct U.S. workers’ compensation costs. To put it another way, it costs U.S. business more than $1 billion a week. In fact, every seven seconds a worker is injured on the job.

Given those staggering statistics, it goes without saying that safety must remain a top priority for businesses in nearly every sector of the economy — from industrial settings to restaurants. But in the rush to improve worker safety, sometimes the simplest solutions get overlooked — like the uniform.

It’s one of the most basic, yet most essential protective measures that can keep your employees safe throughout the workday. But that’s just one of the ways that uniform rental companies and employer safety programs can become partners in employee safety.

Uniforms Serve as Protection

We offer several different uniform solutions and specialty garments that help reduce the risk of incidents for most work-related hazards. Designed with the proper materials, uniforms can protect against burns, contamination, and chemical spills. Proper garments also make employees easier to see, and things like mats and towels keep work environments clean – and avoid slip and fall accidents.

Fire-resistant clothing — This isn’t just for firefighters. Electrical and arch flash hazards  pose threats in many industries, and specifically designed FR uniform garments help prevent avoidable injuries

Cross-contamination — Any potentially undesirable substance that poses a threat to the health or well-being of the building, its inhabitants, and your products is a concern where employee uniforms can help. One way to reduce the risk of cross-contamination is by using scrubs and lab coats, in addition to walk-off mats, microfiber mops and more.

While scrubs and lab coats help prevent the contamination acting as a removable barrier in case of a spill, walk-off mats and microfiber mops trap dirt and pollutants and can help minimize cross contamination and the spread of harmful bacteria.

Uniforms Help Improve Visibility

It is a given that uniforms can protect employees from things like chemical spills and electrical  hazards, but what about a lift truck zipping around your docks or through the shop? While it might sound a little insane, it does happen, and there’s no shortage of studies that uniforms can prevent accidents.

Think of construction workers or crossing guards and how they need visibility from traffic in order to do their job — all thanks to an enhanced visible uniform. Then there are people like law enforcement and emergency personnel who can be quickly identified in times of need due in large part to their uniform. Your drivers, maintenance crews and shipping/receiving employees need this type of hi-vis uniform, too.

Safety Mats as Reminders

While not part of a uniform program, mat rental programs can be a big part of your overall facility maintenance plan.  Safety mats play a large role in workplace safety. First of all, pre-printed mats clean dirt, moisture, and contaminants from shoes, which keeps the facilities in top shape. But more than that, those printed messages can warn employees who may be entering a hazardous zone, may need special protection for ears or eyes, or simply serve as a reminder to think and act safely in work environments.

Uniforms or Company Swag as Employee Incentives

How would you like to not only improve the safety of your employees but also incentivize them through their clothes? That’s what one Gallagher customer did, and with great results. We made custom T-shirts, which were handed out to employees who were recognized for safety improvements, for contributing to the safety of themselves and others, and also to recognize the length of time the company has gone without a lost time injury.

Customers can use custom logo apparel, hats, blankets and more for employee incentives, gifts and even corporate giveaways.

Choose Gallagher Uniform for All Your Workplace Safety Garment Needs

Gallagher Uniform offers a full range of uniform rental programs and related products that help keep your employees and workplace safe, and looking great. Our products are of the highest quality, renowned for durability, safety, style, and appeal.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and uniform offerings today!

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