Will You Be a Part of Shamrock Club 2019?

If you know Gallagher Uniform, you know we love St. Patrick’s Day and always celebrate with our customers and our associates.  You can bet that you’ll hear Irish songs, and see some fun photos of our family leadership team serving loyal associates who have helped to make Gallagher Uniform one of the leading independent laundries in the region.

We’ve Been Around For More Than a Century
+ a Few Decades

St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated for more than 1,000 years, and while here at Gallagher we can’t make that claim, we can brag that we’ve been around for 126 years! And if you ask us, that’s pretty amazing.

According to Forbes, less than one-third of family businesses survive the transition from first to second generation, and another 50% don’t survive the transition from second to third generation. In order for family-owned businesses to be successful, especially those that span generations, they have to change with the times and adapt to the evolving business climate.

“We strongly believe in investing in the future – which includes our technology, our facility, processes and of course, our people,” said Gallagher Uniform President John Gallagher. “This includes our latest investments in a new steam tunnel, production lines, additional delivery trucks for expanding routes and adding to our team. Our goal is to make uniform rental programs easy to manage for all of our customers, big or small.  Our team works hard and has some fun along the way, especially around St. Patrick’s Day.”

With a strong focus on customer service — including a 98% customer retention rate and exceptional company growth — Gallagher Uniform has laid the foundation for another century of business success and industry innovation.

But let’s get back to those lucky shamrocks, shall we?

Become a Member of the Shamrock Club

Gallagher Uniform will honor our 126-year milestone by sharing shamrock plants with many of our customers, as we have for nearly 20 years. Be on the lookout for your shamrock, and if you have them from previous years, we want to see your photos so we can add you to our Shamrock Club. Let your route service representative know, because seeing is believing!

What’s the Shamrock Club?

If you have a green thumb — or just like trying your hand with some greenery — shamrocks are a great plant to cultivate and care for. We love traditions, so we started the Gallagher Shamrock Club in 2016, even though we’ve been sharing shamrocks for about 20 years now.

This club started because we found customers who had several years of shamrocks on display. So this club is for all our customers who continue to grow healthy Gallagher Shamrocks year after year. If you want to become a member, it’s easy. Just send us a picture of your thriving Gallagher Shamrock from past years and you’ll become a proud member!

How To Care For a Shamrock

Now that you’ve decided that you want to be part of the club next year,  it’s best to learn how to properly care for your shamrock.

  • Locate the plant in the brightest window available — preferably a window facing south — but not in direct sun.
  • Place your plant where temperatures remain relatively cool, because warm temperatures might cause the plant to go dormant early.
  • Water your plant sparingly, providing only enough water to keep the soil slightly damp and never let it become bone dry.
  • While it’s actively growing, be sure to feed the plant about once every month. A general purpose, water-soluble fertilizer mixed at a rate of 1 teaspoon in 1 gallon of water will do the trick.
  • When they begin to lose their leaves during the summer months, it’s time to allow it to go into dormancy. Place the plant in a dark, cool room and withhold water and fertilizer for about two to three months. When new growth emerges, bring the plant back into the sunlight and resume normal care.

Be sure to share your photos in the comments, on Facebook or via email to Allison Tobey on our team.

We’ll be sure to revel in our Irish heritage and honor the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday by celebrating with all associates during a holiday lunch with corned beef sandwiches cooked by the Gallagher’s, Irish songs and more.

If You Haven’t Already, Make the Switch To Gallagher

Not only do our customers get a shamrock, they get a uniform company that not only lives up your expectations but works hard each and every day to exceed them.  If you’re ready to learn more about making the switch to Gallagher, call  800-468-7174 or contact us today. We promise a seamless transition and guarantee you’ll be happy with your decision.

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