Hit the Jackpot with Gallagher – Full Service Uniform Rental Programs for Casinos

Are you planning to open a new casino in West Michigan, Mid-Michigan, or Northern Indiana? Or maybe you’re an established casino interested in looking for a new uniform rental service provider. While there are many options available, we think you should “roll the dice” with Gallagher Uniform. But don’t worry, you can’t lose with us. Here’s why.

Full-service uniform rental makes everyone a winner.

We have the capacity, inventory, and capability to outfit every department within your casino with a customized, stylish look. From dealer uniforms to security, maintenance, operations and floor staff, front of house and back of house employees. Coordinated uniforms that properly represent the casino serve as an extension of that brand, creating a sense of professionalism and even luxury, for your customers. Gallagher maintains an extensive apparel catalog for front desk, office management, all-season outdoor staff, housekeeping, kitchen staff, and more.

Fit and style are never second-guessed

People come to casinos to kick back, have fun and indulge in good food and entertainment. Part of that allure resides in the perceptions your staff provides them. Casino staff should be fun-loving, professional, and knowledgeable no matter what their role is. While we can’t help you with personality, we can ensure that your team members will look good and even help them feel good with well-made uniforms that fit just right. From big n’ tall sizesto creating customized uniforms specific to your needs, we help convey an image of crispness and professionalism consistent with your casino’s image.

Dependability is a sure bet.

Questions and uncertainty regarding deliveries lead to unnecessary anxiety and eventual frustration – kinda the worst thing ever when it comes to working with a uniform rental company. Gallagher Uniform has put together a rental program based on dependability and technology, staving off those feelings of frustration and washing them away with today’s laundry. Using our online uniform management systemcalled G-Trak, we save time and improve communications at every level for customers. Using G-Trak, customers can access garment information for every employee, track deliveries to the minute, make size changes and repair requests, review garment inventories, make cancellations, and order a cheeseburger and fries! (Just kidding on that last part.) But seriously, the G-Trak online system and phone app makes the lives of both our route service representatives and our customers incredibly easy when it comes to clean laundry.

Gallagher Uniform has been in business for over 100 years (125 to be exact!) because we take the time to get to know our customers – what they do, how they work – and that is what has helped us become a trusted name in corporate uniform programs and facility services. We’re a sure thing!

Give us a call and we can show the wide array of options available to enhance your casino’s image and customer appeal.

Gallagher Uniform, because no one makes you look so good. Contact us here.





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